#PodestaEmails15: Shocking Corruption Over Hillary Emails, National Security



Sen. Dianne Feinstein is the Vice Chair of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and in that role, she is to promote the security and vital interests of the nation.

In this first email, it is clear that she has offered to help Hillary, be a “surrogate” [a substitute or deputy] for Hillary, knowing she compromised national security. Feinstein is also the woman who made it nearly impossible for Californians to defend themselves as she helps fill the state up with unvetted Democrat voters from foreign lands.

Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum is a Wall Street guy who has benefitted from his connections and who has been emailing Podesta, wanting in on the action in email 10502 and email 17162.

These people spend all their working hours covering up their corruption. Hillary has done so much worse than what Nixon did in Watergate, yet, nothing happens.

Read Email 17310 to find out who their other surrogates are: Sheila Jackson Lee, Mike McFaul ? > Boxer, and McCaskill.


Now consider this next email – and even NeverTrumpers should be able to understand it – if Hillary wins the presidency, even the Supreme Court, will be completely taken over for decades to come. There is no doubt she will continue the corruption of every government agency.

There will be no recourse and our country will be lost to Fascism, Socialism and Communism under the euphemistic name Progressivism. They will be picking at our bones after our carcasses are devoured.


In Email 25911, Team Clinton discusses not even knowing how many emails there are!

Oh, and by the way, no joking about emails though they obviously think this whole thing is a joke [Email 25608].



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