Poisoned Chicken from China Could Soon Turn Up on Your Dinner Table!


Chinese chicken

The USDA will allow US-bred chickens to be sent to China, processed in their questionable plants and then sent back to the US for consumption. Eventually, they will send 100% Chinese chickens! Are you game? Can we draw the line somewhere, please?

Albeit that China has a revolting food safety record, the USDA will allow US (Canadian and Chilean) chickens to be sent to China for processing and then imported back to the US. Eventually, they will allow Chinese chickens to be processed and imported to the US.

The chicken producers won’t even have to tell us the chickens were in China because no point of origin label is required on processed Chicken originating in the US.

Big government is the reason this is happening. The USDA and FDA regulations have made it impossible for the US producers to compete with China where they are not subject to the FDA and USDA. So the government’s solution is not to modify regulations here but to send chickens to a country where there is little in the way of regulations.

US inspectors do not have to inspect the Chinese plants that will process the food!

Pigs will also be an issue. The Chinese communists are buying Smithfield Foods based in Virginia which will make them the largest pork dealers in the world. The fact that they have had thousands of dead pigs showing up in their rivers is concerning.

Check out the slideshow.

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I can’t wait for this myself. Mmmmm….yum.

So what if the Chinese sent us poisoned baby food formula. Those things happen.

We can’t feed their food to our dogs. The FDA had more than 2,000 complaints in 2007 over sick and dying dogs who ate chicken-jerky dog treats made in China. That doesn’t mean we as humans will get sick and die of course, no siree!

Chicken nuggets laced with insecticides is another possibility since the Chinese like to do that! Yum!

Raw meat sold as cooked nuggets, another favorite of the Chinese. Goody, goody.

I don’t fret over little things like arsenic in calamari and rice, pasta with maggots, pumpkin seeds with glass chips, or raw meat sold as lamb, do you? Some people worry about the smallest things.

Here we have a chance to use Communist slave labor in China to bring down the cost of the cheapest meat out there – chicken – and we have people moaning and groaning about it. I say, ‘Yes to arsenic-laced chicken and hello avian flu poultry!’

The USDA says the four Chinese plants are safe but as Sen. Schumer of NY said, while the plants and processing methods have been deemed initially safe by the USDA, lax enforcement going forward could expose U.S. consumers to serious risk of food borne illness, especially given the appallingly poor food-safety track record of Chinese food products.

Charles Schumer wrote a letter to Secretary of the USDA Vilsack on the issue.

He wants the following from Vilsack:

(1) increase the number of on-the-ground audits and inspections of the Chinese inspection system and all Chinese facilities where meat is processed and

(2) increased inspection of chicken meat shipped back to the United States with the highest level of scrutiny and frequency, to ensure meat is safe for consumption and originated in the United States.

Schumer pointed to some of the many horrors wrought by Chinese food practices:

  • Police in China apprehended a group of criminals who have been selling rat, fox or mink meat as lamb for the past four years to markets in Shanghai and surrounding areas and made up to 10 million yuan ($1.6 million)
  • At least 175 people had been sickened by insecticide-tainted dumplings from China, prompting supermarkets to pull Chinese-made meat products from their shelves while Tokyo pressed Beijing to improve food safety.
  • The FDA effectively blocked the sale of five types of farm-raised seafood from China because of repeated instances of contamination from unapproved animal drugs and food additives. The F.D.A. said it decided to take the action after years of warnings and even a visit to Chinese fish ponds that resulted in no signs of improvement.
  • Uncooked pork was found glowing in the dark due to a phosphorescent bacteria. An unsuspecting woman bought the pork in a Shanghai market only to find it radiating later that night on her kitchen table. The ghostly pork returned to normal meat color by morning.
  • Hong Kong food inspectors found eggs imported from northeast China to be contaminated with high levels of melamine, toxic industrial additive at the heart of an adulteration scandal in Chinese milk products.
  • Hundreds of other parents in central China unwittingly bought bad baby formula, in which nutritional supplements had been replaced with starch or sugar. Nearly 200 other babies, including at least 13 who died, now have what local residents call ”big head disease.

Yummy, yummy!

I dont want to eat the da^n things. What say you? We can’t even boycott them because they won’t tell us where the chickens we buy have come from!

Write to Senator Schumer here. Contact Secretary Vilsack: The Honorable Tom Vilsack U.S. Department of Agriculture Washington, D.C. 20250. E-mail address: agsec@usda. gov

Read about it without the sarcasm at the NY Post  or go to Huff Po. This is yet another issue that could bring the country together. Way to go, Obama administration.

Check out the USDA’s report/letter here: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/wcm/connect/c3dab827-151d-4373-917f-139db6a2466d/China_2013_Poultry_Processing.pdf?MOD=AJPERES