Politico Announces That Hillary Had NO Highly-Classified Secret Emails on Her Server



Hillary never sent classified emails from her server and the original finding was the result of a flawed process, according to an inside source speaking to Politico on the condition of anonymity.

The intelligence community now says that Hillary Clinton did not hold two Top Secret emails on her server, according to a source close to Politico.

Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III, who made the claim the emails were Top Secret, was opposed by the State Department. The case was referred to the CIA for a decision and the State has won, the source said.

Then Politico said this: A spokesman for Clapper said the review of the emails has not been completed. “ODNI has made no such determination and the review is ongoing,” Clapper spokesman Brian Hale said.

So which is it?

However, the State Department said they were informed the State Department no longer has to treat the emails as Top Secret.

One of the emails was classified days after Hillary received it and the initial determination of it being classified Top Secret was based on a flawed process according to the CIA.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said Friday he was unaware a determination was made and the process is ongoing.

Politico announced that a top expert in classification procedures called the reported determination about the disputed emails “an astonishing turn of events.”

“It’s not just a mistake,” Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists said of the initial “Top Secret” claim. “It was a transformative event in the presidential campaign to this point. It had a potential to derail Clinton’s presidential candidacy.”

Suddenly, there is no there there. Amazing! Poof! No more email scandal! Did she know this would happen when she went through the Benghazi hearing as unflappable Hillary?

“DNI Clapper’s determination is further evidence that there was no wrongdoing by Secretary Clinton,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). “The classification process is complex and subjective, but this confirms Secretary Clinton did not send classified information through her email account. It’s time to put this issue behind us and move on,” according to Politico.

Hillary’s case is about to be whitewashed it seems if you can believe anything Politico says. Anyone skeptical? The powers-that-be are counting on our gullibility.