Politico Lied About Obama’s Rushed Midnight Regulations



Wikileaks leaked emails proved that Politico is in the tank for the Democrat Party and any loser they nominate but we didn’t need Wikileaks to show us that.

Politico reported on August 29th that it is a myth to think that Barack Obama will issue midnight regulations. It’s just one more of those conservative conspiracy theories, they contended. They even quoted a left-wing report stating that the regulation process has slowed and is actually more thoughtful than before.

In January of this year, however, Politico reported that Obama was pushing thousands of years of regulations in year 8.

On November 27th, as it turns out, Politico detailed a memo put out by EPA head Gina McCarthy telling staff, “we’re running — not walking — through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency.”

The agency is currently working on regulations for the oil and gas sector, and is finalizing new annual regulations for the nation’s ethanol mandate and renewable fuel blending requirements. The agency is also moving rules related to implementation of its landmark Clean Power Plan for cutting carbon pollution from the nation’s coal utilities to combat global warming.

They reported that Federal agencies are rushing out a final volley of executive actions in the last two months of Barack Obama’s presidency, despite warnings from Republicans in Congress and the reality that Donald Trump will have the power to erase much of their handiwork after Jan. 20.

Regulations on commodities speculation, air pollution from the oil industry, doctors’ Medicare drug payments and high-skilled immigrant workers are among the rules moving through the pipeline as Obama’s administration grasps at one last chance to cement his legacy. So are regulations tightening states’ oversight of online colleges and protecting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Also moving ahead are negotiations on an investment treaty with China and decisions by the Education Department on whether to offer debt relief to students at defunct for-profit colleges. The Department of Transportation may also go ahead with a ban on cellphone calls on commercial flights and a rule requiring most freight trains have at least two crew members on duty.

Seventeen regulations awaiting final approval are considered “economically significant,” with an estimated economic impact of at least $100 million a year.

Obama’s legacy muddles on as does Politico.

Branco cartoon via Comically Incorrect