Democrats Discuss Replacing Hillary

Hillary Clinton, before the fall, wearing what some believe ar anti-seizure sunglasses.

Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia has taken over the political discussion for the last 24 hours. She hid the information from the public for three days until she fell and seemingly couldn’t control her body movements as she abruptly left a 9/11 ceremony in New York City. She might have fainted though it is a most unusual faint.

Democrats are reportedly discussing what to do if she needs to be replaced.


The media is handling the incident by saying she stumbled and will take a couple days off though they are admitting the pressure will be on for her to release her medical records.

The pneumonia doesn’t explain a lot of Mrs. Clinton’s coughing spells, blanking out spells, odd movement spells and her overall low energy.

Late Sunday night a campaign spokesman said a Clinton trip to California was being scrubbed, including several high-dollar fundraisers and television appearances by the candidate.

Leftist MSNBC and Al Jazeera journalist – award-wining – David Schuster said the DNC, based on sources, are going to discuss replacing her. The Sanders fans still hold out hope.

But for pneumonia?

Then Mr. Schuster posted this:

But…just have to agree with Schuster’s next tweet:

Donald Trump said that he hopes Mrs. Clinton gets well soon. He also said he will release the results of his recent physical.

When asked about her health, he responded, “I really just don’t know. I hope she gets well soon,” Trump told Fox News, adding later, “Something is going on but I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail, and we’ll be seeing her at the debate.”

“I feel great, but when the numbers come in, I’ll be releasing very, very specific numbers,” Trump said.

Paul Joseph Watson had to license his video of her “faint” for $5,000 – it had been taken down.

Here is his new video. It’s not like any pneumonia reaction I’ve ever seen, even my own.

Most unappealing Michael Moore thinks speculation over Hillary’s bizarre spells is being spread by “crazies”.

More videos and information about Hillary’s strange medical episode on Sunday:

WOW! Hillary Flees 9/11 Ceremony But Collapses on Way to Van…videos – Updates


  1. After viewing the videos a few times a couple of things come to mind, the people around her don’t really act like this is an emergency, like they been through this before, which would explain going to daughters apt. and not an emergency room. Friday Hillary and Kaine were in Peensylvania campaigning, the campaign is saying she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, according to two doctors on fox and cnn you have to have an x-ray to get that diagnosis, when and where was this done, the campaign won’t comment on these questions according to a fox reporter outside her home in N.Y.

  2. Will never happen unless she dies and that might not prevent her being kept in the race. I can just see all the low information voting in her as the first woman who should have been POTUS. It’s all come down to winning the power not representing Liberty.

    The political world has chosen to reject all the principles of Liberty and limited government. Our citizenry no longer has the sense of why America, not the USA, came into reality.

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