Politifact Fires Crazy Alan Grayson As Their Fact Checker

Alan Grayson threatening a Politico reporter for accusing him of domestic abuse.

This is not a joke or fake news. Politifact actually hired Alan Grayson to fact check their work to improve trust and credibility. He was fact checking the fact checkers. It then came to their attention he “did not meet that threshold to many.”

They awoke to their error when Twitter bashed them into consciousness.

After getting roundly bashed, they deleted the previous tweet saying he was hired “to avoid confusion”.

They also tweeted:

“We called Alan a short while ago and informed him that we would be canceling our agreement for him to write on PolitiFact. We remain committed to this experiment, however, and will be seeking out a Democrat to replace Alan. If you have a good suggestion, please reach out.”

We think Maxine Waters would be a replacement of equal credibility.


Grayson’s certifiable and a liar. Responses came swiftly upon the announcement of his hiring. The press hates him as well as all Republicans and Democrats in Congress. He has been accused of domestic abuse which he denied to a Politico reporter by threatening him.

“A fact-checking outfit hiring Alan Grayson is like a church hiring Charlie Sheen to run their youth group,” National Review columnist Dan McLaughlin tweeted.

Politico’s Jake Sherman asked, “Is this a joke?”

It wasn’t a joke. This is real news!

That about does it for Politifact, doesn’t it?


  1. Inquiring minds would love to know just what the heck Politifact expected out of the looney and equally volatile Alan Grayson. They’re lucky this wacko didn’t burn the place down

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