Poor Jobs Picture in March Due to Obama’s Sequester



The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 88,000 jobs were created in March but unemployment dropped to 7.6%. We created almost no jobs last month but the unemployment went down. It’s a miracle.

Actually, it’s not a miracle.

More people left the workforce in March. Disability and food stamps increased again. Nearly half a million fewer people were participating in the labor force. That smaller pool meant the jobless rate could tick down even as job growth was weak. [NPR]

Jobs are being added, very, very slowly, many in the government.

Government workers are doing well. They have 3.6% unemployment. [CNS News]

Almost 90 million people have left the workforce. Unemployment went down for blacks and Latinos but unfortunately, thousands of blacks and Latinos have left the workforce. [CNS News]

It’s the socialist way.

We’re stimulating the economy:

The media is blaming Obama’s sequester and trying to pin it on Republicans. Sequester is Obama’s idea, it is a $44 billion cut to the increase in spending this year. The Republicans offered Obama the freedom to decide how the cuts would be made and he refused.

Analysts predicted 200,000 new private-sector jobs. So much for the experts.

This drop is despite the Feds pumping $85 billion a month into the economy. [reuters]

Two of the fastest growing jobs are low-skilled positions – home health care and personal care aid. They are paid very poorly and usually people in these positions need to be on welfare, Medicaid and food stamps. Now liberals want low-skilled jobs to pay well so people can get off welfare. Of course, if we have to pay more for low-skilled jobs, more of us will be poor. Some jobs are not meant to be career paths.

Many of the new jobs are low wage jobs and many are filled with college educated students who need a paycheck.