Pope Francis, A Man for Our Times


Pope Francis

When the Cardinals met in the Vatican to select a Pope, there was a subtle undertone of contempt from naysayers in the press. I can’t tell you how many times a story about the selection of the Pope was followed by a negative story about Catholics.

I was relieved when they picked a Pope.

The media, in their abject ignorance, kept hoping that the new Pope would support gay marriage, birth control, abortion, women priests and married priests. What they don’t understand is that this is counter to their religion.

It’s their religion stupid! The Catholic religion stands for life, traditional marriage and celibate priests.

Catholics can’t suddenly be what they are not nor should they be. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to be Catholics, but they can’t demand Catholics not be Catholic.

It would be like the chief Rabbi saying he would no longer follow the teachings of Abraham.

Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, appears to be a reformer. He has already said that politicians who support abortion cannot receive communion. He specifically mentioned Sibelius. I hope the Pope says something to Joe Biden when Biden is at the Vatican for the installation.

The poor are often held up as the reason why we need abortion. The poor can’t afford children and not having easy access to ending life leaves them poorer. Will Pope Francis be able to sell a different message?

In China, more than 560 million abortions have been performed in the forty years since they began their family planning policy and population control. Their health ministry revealed that they have performed 336 million abortions and 196 million sterilizations on both men and women since 1971. They have a one-child law and often perform forced abortions. They are inhumane.

We now accept gender-selection as a reason for an abortion and there is a movement in this country to abort full-term babies nationwide. Our president supported post-birth abortion while serving in the state senate (if the intention was to abort). Are we so different from the Chinese Communists?

The same people who don’t give rights to babies in the womb are the ones who will go to the ends of the earth to protect an endangered wildflower or a rare amoeba.

Dick Morris posted an interesting lunch alert on Pope Francis:

As the leader of one billion Catholics and as a Hispanic, he can play a very important role in our society. He could be an amazing force for good. His humble life and his love for the poor should inspire everyone, Atheists included.

Pope Francis has inherited a host of problems but he has the character to turn it all around.

The media is on a mission to marginalize him, accusing him, without an ounce of evidence, of not protecting two Jesuit priests who were kidnapped. Without knowing him, they are claiming the new Pope might be harsh and unbending. The media is relentless in attacking people except when it comes to Obama whom they glorify no matter what he does. They worship at the altar of secularism.

Pope Francis took the name of St. Francis of Assisi for a reason.

St. Francis of Assisi was a humble man and a reformer, a lover of all people, including Muslims, whom he regarded as brothers.

St. Francis was born in Assisi around the year 1182, the son of a rich Italian cloth merchant. His mother named him Giovanni after John the Baptist while her husband was on a trip to France. Her husband was furious when he returned because he did not want his son to be a man of God, but rather a man of business. He renamed his son Francesco – Frenchman – to reflect his love of France.

St. Francis was a carefree youth, popular in school, a dreamer, not a scholar. His conversion took years. The boy who wanted to be a knight became the founder of the Franciscan order, a man who loved animals, people, the poor and society’s discounted souls.

St. Francis discarded worldly prizes for a life of giving and sacrifice for others.

His life of poverty was very harsh, even too harsh for his fellow Franciscans. He eventually had to give up his authority in the order he founded. He was then just another brother, something he was content with.

Francis became ill from his impoverished life and was blinded. His response to blindness was to write the beautiful Canticle of the Sun, which praised creation and his oneness with it. He died at the age of 45.

St. Francis is the patron saint of ecologists and merchants.

Picking the name of St. Francis was a deliberate choice by the new Pope.

Anyone who loves people and has lived a life of poverty as Pope Francis deserves our respect. He sounds very similar to Pope John XXIII. Pope John was also a humble man and a reformer.

The Pope is not a political leader, he is a spiritual leader. Catholicism does not support unbridled Capitalism and believes in a wide safety net. Their social views are Conservative. One doesn’t have to believe what Catholics believe to respect the good they do. Catholic Charities is one of the largest and most productive charities in the world.

The people in the media cannot hold a candle to this Pope in terms of his charitable works and his humble, kind nature, yet they giddily criticize him with gossip not facts.

Give the Pope a chance and definitely don’t believe what you read in the media.