Pope Francis Is ‘Squandering His Moral Authority’


As a lifelong Catholic it is extremely difficult for me to criticize Pope Francis but his commitment to Socialism, his dark vision of Capitalism, and his complete rejection of fossil fuels is alarming and dangerous.

In one odd note to his encyclical, the Pope expressed his deep concern about the increase in air conditioners. It reminded me of Mr. Obama’s comments to African college students in which he said something similar to the young people living in a developing country that’s hotter than Hell much of the time. In 2013, while speaking to the students at the University of Soweto, President Obama said, “Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over — unless we find new ways of producing energy.”

“Boil over?” Personally, I want everyone in Soweto to have a big house, a car and air conditioning.

Pat Buchanan speaking on The McLaughlin Group said that the Pope is ‘squandering his moral authority’ when he talks so ‘authoritatively’ about matters he knows less about than the people he is trying to convince.

Pope Francis addressing top Vatican leaders

Pope Francis addressing top Vatican leaders in the Curia.

“The pope when he speaks on faith and morals, when speaking ex cathedra, he speaks infallibly, but when he speaks on issues like climate change and political issues and the rest of it, he speaks as an Argentine Jesuit socialist, and there’s no infallibility to what he’s saying.  And quite frankly, he is squandering his moral authority by going out and by declaiming authoritatively on matters which the Vatican has no greater knowledge of, quite frankly, than the folks in the debate in the United States, who have been in it a great deal longer than the holy father himself,” Buchanan explained.

Pope Francis’ climate change encyclical was so dark and so extreme that he might have repulsed the very people he hopes to convince.

After calling for “a bold cultural revolution” which radically alters our way of life, Pope Francis declared that “to commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God”.

His writings leave no doubt that he is referring to Capitalism and fossil fuels when he says we are leaving the world an “immense pile of filth”. He called for a global organization that will provide “the legal framework which can set clear boundaries and ensure the protection of ecosystems.” It’s “indispensable.”

This global organization would supersede our Constitution. Pope Francis wrote that he wants an organization that remains in power no matter who the political leader is at the time.

Francis quoted from the Fifth General Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Bishops when he wrote, “the interests of economic groups which irrationally demolish sources of life should not prevail in dealing with natural resources.”

That sounds really ominous.

We must be good stewards of our planet but destroying our way of life given what we know as fact is unnecessary.

When The Vatican and the White House turn their air conditioners off, I’ll listen. No, wait, actually I won’t.