Potential Russian Spy Stations Are Already on US Soil


Russians are coming

Cartoon – the Russians are coming

Did you hear about Roscosmos and Glonass yet? The State Department is allowing Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, to build about half a dozen ‘monitor stations’ on United States soil.

The CIA and the Pentagon are unhappy about it because they could be used to spy on us. These stations are basically Russian GPS  stations in the form of a ‘dome-topped antenna perched atop an electronics-packed building surrounded by a security fence somewhere in the United States.’

The Russians claim it will improve their version of the GPS (Glonass). They don’t want to rely on ours. The State Department thinks this is okay. This is the same State Department that did such a fine job in Benghazi and are about to sell us out to the Iranians.

According to the Times, ‘The Russian effort is part of a larger global race by several countries — including China and European Union nations — to perfect their own global positioning systems and challenge the dominance of the American GPS.’

And we’re helping them do this!!!

The C.I.A. and other American spy agencies, as well as the Pentagon, believe these stations could give Russians more accurate satellite-steered weapons. Located right within the US, they could also spy within our borders.

The Times calls it a ‘squabble’ as the agencies try to sort out their differences. Congress wants answers from the Administration. I wish them lots of luck with that – the Administration doen’t know anything.

The Russians say, the stations are “only to ensure calibration and precision of signals for the Glonass system.”

Well that’s good enough for me!

This has been going on since May 2012 – did you hear anything about this in the media prior to today?

The State Department doesn’t see them as a threat.

Of course they don’t.

Full story at the NY Times