Potentially Dirty Cop Andy McCabe Has Lost His Emails


FBI agent Andy McCabe might be a compromised agent — a dirty cop. His image is about to get a whole lot worse. According to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, his emails are lost or the FBI is simply refusing to abide by FOIA laws which requires the agency to turn them over.


Losing emails worked very well for Lois Lerner. She sits home collecting a very generous government pension after targeting her political enemies. The tactic also worked for a number of other people, most notably Hillary Clinton. Her emails disappeared, many were Bleach-bitten or hammered-into-oblivion – 33,000 in all.

Seems like the FBI thinks it will work again for FBI agent Andy McCabe

Tom Fitton was told the FBI won’t or can’t give his organization any of McCabe’s messages.

Not turning over FOIA documents alone is likely corruption.


  1. This will not work for this crook; When the judge says you produce, you produce or go to jail until you produce…………………….This isn’t the “Dog ate my homework” you corrupt cop SOB

    • The panic of the conspirators is obvious since documents disappear. The mere disappearance of documents warrants criminal investigation.

  2. HHHmmm, interesting, McCabe was interviewed behind closed doors by the House Intelligence Committee, then he announces plans to retire in early March when he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits, now his e-mails are lost, anybody smell a rat????? How about produce the e-mails Andy or no Pension ~!!!!!!!!!!

    • The conspirators must protect McCabe otherwise the entire power structure will be caught. They would let Strzok & Page be destroyed.

  3. Breaking just now on NBC………FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepping down..will remain on FBI payroll until March to get his pension………

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