Powerful Bureaucrats in Panic State Over Abuse Memo


Two powerful bureaucrats, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy DoJ Director Rod Rosenstein, allegedly pleaded with the President to not release the FISA Abuse Memo.

They allegedly said it can’t be effectively redacted and gives away methods of surveillance. Republican congressmen say something quite different.

The President said last night the Memo will “100%” be released. Judge Nap added that the President hadn’t read it and was going to read it Wednesday morning.

We expect it to come out tonight or tomorrow, Friday at the latest. It will be read into the record on Monday.

Judge Napolitano and liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz trust the DoJ’s and FBI’s motives in wanting it concealed from the public for security’s sake. They could be right but many don’t trust their motives. It is true that the DoJ and FBI always err on the side of secrecy. They might have other motives as well.

What do you think?

By the way, did you notice that Jeff Sessions is still missing?

Pundit Chuck Woolery tweeted a simple summary of why we need to read it: “Just to be extremely clear, the is about the Government, our Government, tryin to get rid of Trump while running for President and attempting to throw him out of office after elected by the people, on a phony charge backed by a phony memo. Serious Stuff.”

If the Memo is the lie that Adam Schiff says it is, why not release it so he can prove it?


A report citing unnamed sources noted that there “are no factual inaccuracies” according to Catherine Herridge.

Senior DOJ officials told Fox News after this story first posted senior DoJ officials told Fox News however, that they “dispute the characterization” that no inaccuracies could be cited.


The  claim that it would be “reckless” to release it is now “moot” after a review.

Fox News is told the memo was “drafted deliberately to eliminate national security information” that could be damaging if viewed by individuals outside Congress.

The bureaucrats have fought oversight by Congress and cannot be taken too seriously. They want the public to know nothing about anything. The Fox News source adds that the FBI and Justice Department had “fought tooth and nail” for close to a year to avoid providing the surveillance-related records to Congress.

These same bureaucrats won’t even honor FOIA. Just ask Judicial Watch.

Never forget that bureaucrats are the Deep State. Trey Gowdy has criticized Deep State for keeping it secret. He also says it will be very embarrassing for Adam Schiff.

My congressman offers his view in the tweet below. The FISA abuse memo is about FISA abuse and the Democrat counter memo is about damage control, he says.


  1. The memo will be released and should be released. This is a key moment. It is in Trump’s interests to release it.

    The Judge has been a bad source and will report based upon what his bosses tell him. The memo was obviously written as a summary to avoid security details. It was a clever tactic by a few decent Congressman. Rosenstein & Wray are in the deep state. The deep state is delighted with Sessions, he has been the key ally.

  2. I think their in panic mode to protect someone or several people,Obama, Comey, Lynch ?, given the reaction and comments from people who have read it tells me it could be very BIG, I hope so !!!

  3. Trey Gowdy will not seek re-election. Evidently he has amassed enough net worth and maybe the well is running dry.

    The “sources and methods” argument is really getting stale. Undoubtedly those in that leadership circle are more concerned about “optics” rather than actual repercussions from exposing gathering. They have proven month after month their inability follow current legal requirements of “Oversight”. If they will flout a legal requirement then the ease of other illegal activity is much easier. Once a person embarks on a wrongful act the mentality of justification allows for more serious acts. In this case there would be NO hesitation in “claiming” a danger to assets. That mentality will justify anything.

  4. It’s just funny Wray goes and reads this memo, within 12 hours McCabe is gone and now Wray doesn’t want the memo released and now McCabe is under investigation for sitting on Weiners laptop for 3 weeks.I would also like to see the memo but not in bits and pieces, Unless the document is released in full there will be claims saying the memo is incomplete and is not valid because there is needed information missing from the document.The Media and Dems will tear it apart, release it with evidence to back it up !!!!!!

  5. FBI is a political organization. They represent and enforce justice as it benefits their interests, and agenda. They are in no way a trustworthy independent agency which represents true justice. Look into their investigation of Black activists, JFK, and other numerous examples of scandalous behavior they have engaged in.

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