Powerful New Information on How Freddie Gray Died -Update


Update: 05/01/15: All six police officers have been charged with crimes ranging from second-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter and assault.

The death of Freddie Gray has been ruled a homicide after he was improperly arrested according to the prosecutor, Marilyn Moseby.

Ms. Moseby said he was left unbuckled in the van in violation of recent department rules. and aid was not administered though he asked for assistance and said he could not breathe.

There was no rough ride and no beatings, however, there appears to be extreme negligence if the facts bear the charges. It seems unusual to not give help and one must wonder why they didn’t call an ambulance?

The case might have been overcharged. This is a manslaughter charge at based on what the chief prosecutor said at today’s press conference. However, the prosecutor is firm in her conviction that she can prove the charges.


Original Story: There is new information about the death of Freddie Gray.

According to an ear witness – another prisoner in the van – Gray was banging into the side of the van and flailing about while being transported.

The medical examiner said Gray died from slamming his head into the side of the van, breaking his neck.

He received a serious head wound that matches a bolt on the side of the van.

The driver of the van is described by friends as a kind and generous person who would never hurt anyone.

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