Prepare for Massive Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Branco cartoon by Comically Incorrect
Branco cartoon by Comically

An appeals court struck down a North Carolina law requiring voter ID to vote. Without evidence and based on a distant history of racism, the appeals court ruled it was obviously passed with racist intent.

The court said that the Republican legislature ignored the “inextricable link between race and politics in North Carolina.”

“Faced with this record, we can only conclude that the North Carolina General Assembly enacted the challenged provisions of the law with discriminatory intent.”

This means that the entire law is thrown out and will force through early voting, same-day registration, out-of-precinct voting, and preregistration, all actions that are fraught with voter fraud. This isn’t what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

Children as young as 16 and 17 will be allowed to register to vote.

The left just hunts for a judge that will find their way and the courts are full of leftist judges willing to legislate instead of defining and explaining law. The circuits are lost and it would take a massive effort and years to reverse the damage.

The courts now engage in legislating from the bench and no one is trying to stop them. Lawyers now rule us.

There is no evidence there was racism but the appeals court is on board with the administration. They want to pursue voter fraud in November. That is the only reason to oppose voter ID.


At the same time, Democratic National Convention officials will only issue credentials to those who present state-issued IDs.

The DNC’s website says that “all pickup persons must have a state-issued ID that matches the name submitted” to receive credentials. Media members attending the DNC have to present photo IDs at multiple checkpoints.

Even as Democrats require IDs to enter their convention and The Voter Integrity Project discovered there were 30,000 dead North Carolinians still on the state’s voter rolls, Democrats continue to fiercely oppose voter ID laws.

This entire move is to further voter fraud and to defeat Donald Trump in November.


  1. There are 864 federal judges. When the Congress of the United States abolishes the federal district court system and replaces it with a smaller and more tightly-controlled (in the realm of standing, etc.) body and similarly reduces the appeals courts, we might make some headway in stemming judicial overreach. Voting, even in federal elections, is the purview of the states, because with the exception of the presidency, federal elections send representatives of the States to Washington, and Washington cannot deign to rule on each individual state process.

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