President Barack Kardashian Isn’t From the Hood Unless You Count the West Village As the Hood

Jamie Dimon Wearing Presidential Cufflinks

Barack Obama is 16/32nds black and 100% rich. He is out of touch and pretends otherwise.

Mr Obama, a big beneficiary of Wall Street largesse, once described 1%er Jamie Dimon as ‘one of the smartest bankers we’ve got’ and his bank as ‘one of the best managed banks there is.’ I don’t know if that was before or after he gave Dimon the presidential cufflinks as seen in the picture above or before or after Dimon lost $2 billion of his investors’ money.

Dimon has been to the White House 16 times and had at least 3 private audiences with his imperiousness, Barack Obama. This is according to Daily Mail UK

This video is from another one of the regal Obama’s 1% buddies. The AP reported that this $40,000 a person dinner had Obama telling these artistas and acting kooks that they will determine our future. Aside from the fact that it is impossible to relate to this woman, what about the fact that she’s BRITISH!!! I thought we won our independence from the Brits. Is she going to help determine America’s future? Where are the OWS when you need them? Why didn’t they picket this party?

The Atlantic Wire said that there are whispers it was Anna of the bad hair who redid Sarah Jessica Parker’s mansion in the West Village because shabby chic just wouldn’t do. If it wasn’t her, it was someone like her. They moved a lot of Parker’s furniture out and brought in the elegant stuff befitting our king.

Barack Buddy, Anna Wintour

Obama comes to NYC during the rush hour with his legion of gas-guzzling SUV’s on a regular basis. During Thursday’s visit, they shut down train service to and from the WTC for three hours for no discernible reason.

He holds 3-6 fundraisers at a clip with his 1% friends. Obama is not so much black as he is a 1%er. He hangs with some other faux guys from the hood who like to sing vile rap songs. You might also see Obama hanging with Arianna Puffington and the richest, most elite Wall Streeters and Hollywoodites. All this while he demonizes the 1%, especially Mitt Romney.

Here’s more from the 1%ers who are going to determine our future –

In this picture, we see the very rich Barack Kardashian with his longtime rich moonbat friend Warren Buffet.