President Obama In Germany Blames Free Speech for Hillary’s Loss


As usual, the president preached to foreigners during his world tour and he again said people think he did a pretty good job. It is stunning that he thinks that and it is remarkable that his popularity is at 57%. They don’t like the effects of his policies, however, and his ability to detach himself from his failures continues. It’s amazing!

Will he ever go away is the real question.

He did figure out who is to blame for Hillary’s failure and it’s not  Hillary or him of course. It’s social media! He must have heard that in the echo chamber he built for himself.

He is very optimistic about the young people, especially the ones who don’t vote but run around with nasty placards. He was asked about the rioters which the media calls protesters and basically encouraged it.

Obama is very confused about why he lost the election and admits he didn’t see it coming. He can’t see how his policies have damaged the economy and the very fabric of America. He has decided it’s social media’s fault. The recent attacks by the left on so-called ‘fake news’ in social media are probably tied to these comments – the Fascists want to shut down opponents’s voices.

There is fake news, that’s true, but some of the so-called ‘fake news’ lists popping up include very legitimate Conservative and Libertarian sites. They ignore the truly fake, evil leftist sites like Media Matters, Slate, Salon, and Mother Jones

In Germany, the man who demonizes all opponents said this, “If people take absolutist views, and demonize opponents, “then democracy will break down.”

Yikes! Really?

He has diminished his opponents at every opportunity — even when there was no reason to do so.

The president who couldn’t deal with Russia on any level said he hopes Donald Trump can stand up to Russia. He doesn’t want him to take a “real politic approach” which is exactly what Barack Obama did at every turn. He handed over the entire Middle East to Iran and Russia.