Obama’s New Slogan “Forward” Takes Us Backwards As He Speaks Sideways


We can’t wait, but we are winning the future with all this hope and change. Change in America doesn’t start from the top down but the bottom up. It’s a new beginning, and we have to take America back. Yes, we can, because it’s change we can believe in.  Obama for America, women for Obama, Hispanics for Obama, African-Americans for Obama will help build an America built to last, with an economy that works for everybody. We can only do that if everyone does their fair share.

Phew! He really has a lot of slogans. What’s with the slogans? Why do we need slogans? The country is going to pot (I didn’t literally mean pot but that might be true also) and I’m tired of slogans.

President Obama’s latest effort at substituting soundbites for substance is in a recent ad called, “Forward.”

The Obama ad starts with Bush bashing, continues with portrayals of Tea Party people and Talk Show Hosts as blocking the feckless, I mean fearless President from turning around the economy, abolishing don’t ask, don’t tell (not for nothing, but it was his buddy Clinton who came up with that), healthcare for all, and business recovery.

The reality is quite the opposite. President Obama is taking us backwards to the New Deal and the Great Society except now it also includes our becoming a subservient member of the United Nations.

Some of the ideas from the past were good but many of the ideas were unconstitutional and all involved BIG ENORMOUS GOVERNMENT. Heavy government regulation of the economy, high taxes, strong union support, anti-competition in business, home ownership for all, relief programs for the poor, infrastructure projects, subsidies for the arts, and social justice comprised the programs of FDR and LBJ. Now we have them on steroids with BHO.

President Obama has created jobs, unfortunately many are in other countries –

His foreign policy consists of killing Osama bin Laden. Unless it was with his five iron, I have my doubts that he deserves all the credit he is taking –

President Obama is not interested in winning the war in Afghanistan, just ending it, and he is going to negotiate with the Tal-eee-bon.

That would be negotiations with the man pictured below, Mullah Omar, friend to Osama and al-Zawahiri –

Mullah Omar

This is President Obama’s surrender speech, it’s very long –

President Obama has created a boon for food stamps –

One small matter, President Obama brags about his credit card reforms. All I know is now the interest rates are almost 30% for everyone, much higher than they ever were, and I’m paying for high risk customers. I guess that’s social justice.

How about all that spending, eh? We owe almost $16 trillion and we keep borrowing from Chinese communists. Leon Panetta said our borrowing is a threat to our national security.

And what about that Arab Spring. What a success. Look at Egypt, now faced with an anti-American Theocracy, replacing a pro-American dictator. Libya is being overrun by al Qaida as is Yemen. Actually the Middle East and Africa are being overrun by al Qaida, Boko Harem, Salafis – doesn’t matter, they’re all of the same mind.

The President hopes to pass a treaty with the U.N. which will require the U.S. to ask the U.N’s permission before we go to war, that would be the U.N. that is filled with a slew of our enemies.

President Obama, who wants to destroy 90% of our nuclear armaments, has already depleted the military.

America is on the cliff and President Obama is about to push us off. “Forward” is the new Backward for America under President Obama.