President Obama, Person of the Year, Beats Out Qualified People


Obama person of the year

Obama being selected as Person of the Year reminds me of why I don’t read Time Magazine.

He is called the “Architect of a New America,” and indeed he is. He has built a new land (we didn’t build it) in which we are governed by rules and regulations we have no control over, enormous debt we cannot sustain, where taxes are called revenues and investments, and the rich are hated much in the same way as they were during Revolutionary France.

King George has nothing on this man. Obama taxes without representation, ignores Congress in violation of the Constitution, and menaces and threatens anyone who opposes him. He would put King George to shame.

Since July, he has hired 101 new government workers a day to watch our every move and he has added 13,000 pages to Obamacare. What could possibly go wrong with that?

And he still made it back into office against a successful businessman with an impeccable personal history. Sure he had to lie to do it, but he did it!

Of course he can’t hold a candle to a girl who started advocating for women’s rights at age 11 in Pakistan, only to be shot in the head by the Taliban who are opposed to women being educated.

He does, however, compare favorably to Theocrat Mohammad Morsi of Egypt whom he helped get into office. Not only that, he sends Morsi tanks, aircraft and billions of our tax dollars so Morsi can pose even more of a threat to Israel – brilliant!

Then there is his peace prize nobility. He wanted the Afghan War, the “good war,” and now leaves our military over there like sitting ducks, while green-on-blue crimes are blamed on them, the victims, because they might be insulting the women-abusing, pedophiles of the Taliban. Then there is the Libyan War in which Obama took Gaddafi out as part of his peace movement. Libya is now overrun by al-Qaida, Yippee!

There’s no end really. The man truly is the Architect of the New America, one in which I can now say to my grandchild, you owe $52,000 to the federal government and $16,000 to New York State and you’re not even out of diapers yet.

He also got credit for being the first black president, I’ll give them half credit for that.

I always thought architects built things up, not tore them down.