President Obama, the Half-White Guy, Has A Brother Living In A Hut


Obama is living in splendor and when he moves out of the White House, hopefully soon, he will live quite well with his millions and the millions more he will earn from speaking engagements and so on.

He has been, allegedly, a champion of the poor around the world, making the U.S. taxpayer support a doubling of foreign charitable funds during hard economic times. Meanwhile, his brother George Obama, an obviously bright and talented man, lives in a hut in Kenya.

George Obama recently wrote a book about seeing the need for the British to have stayed in Kenya longer, a departure from his brother’s hate towards them because they were colonialists. Interestingly, he calls his brother “this half white guy,” agreeing with Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman says Obama is not the first black president, he is America’s first mixed race president.