President Obama, Wayne LaPierre Issue Statements on Gun Control December 21 – Videos

Wayne LaPierre
Wayne LaPierre

President Obama’s video on gun control was posted this morning. He said he supports the Second Amendment:

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre press conference on the Newtown Massacre and gun control today:

LaPierre talked about the videos and movies which are damaging our society. He cited an example of an horrific video game called “Kindergarten Killer.” It can be found on youtube. I won’t post the link.

While most of us can play these games and watch these movies without becoming violent, some cannot. The exaltation of violence in the media is not sending a very good message. If there is nothing wrong with it, why did Hollywood take out the most violent scenes in their new movie trailers, Django Unchained and Jack Reacher?

We really need to get the corporations that produce these things under control, and that includes Hollywood.

Mental illness and drugs need to be discussed. They are much more the problem because they are at the core of violence in our society. Drugs need to be discussed honestly, without glorifying marijuana and pretending it’s good for people. It’s a gateway drug that is being legalized in our country. Most mass killers are on drugs.

LaPierre called for trained armed police officers at all schools. The left-leaning media is having a field day with that, but they seem to have forgotten that we already do have police everywhere – in airports, ball parks, shopping centers, so why not schools?

Read more about the left’s case against guns from a right-leaning perspective here and click here for gun facts.

The focus cannot solely be on guns. If someone wants to kill, they will kill. Connecticut has an assault weapons ban and it didn’t stop this.