President Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Uniting Hamas, Fatah, and Egypt

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi meets with Hamas’ leader in exile, Khaled Meshaal and the Hamas delegation at the Presidential Palace in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

This isn’t good.

President Obama, while dividing our country, has helped unite the Islamists of Hamas, Fatah, and Egypt. Perhaps he is the Abraham Lincoln of Islamists.

President Obama pushed Morsy into brokering a deal for a ceasefire.  We do send billions in aid to Egypt in way of encouragement. Are we being played?

In a press conference on Saturday evening, Morsy said, “there are some signals for the possibility of a ceasefire in the coming days.” He added, “if there is more occupation there will be negative consequences.”

President Mohamed Morsy met with the chief of Hamas’ political bureau, Khaled Meshaal , and the secretary general of the Islamic Jihad movement, Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, on Sunday evening to discuss the situation in Gaza.

A statement released from the presidential palace after the meeting said they discussed “Egyptian efforts to stop the Israeli aggression and bombardment on the Palestinian people in Gaza.” Morsy also “listened to the position of the two movements on the events.

On Monday, the exiled Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, who was in Cairo, said Palestinians must “end their divisions and called on rights groups to expose Israeli crimes against Gaza.” He was speaking of the divisions between Hamas, Fatah and Egypt. He said the divisions with Fatah are the work of the “devil” and that they are “brothers.” He also warned Israel it would be a “mistake” to launch a land invasion.

As an aside, Hamas has brutally murdered Palestinian Fatah members in the recent past.

Speaking at a news conference, Meshaal urged Palestinians to unite under one vision with Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank Fatah under Abbas no longer split.

Abbas in way of response said that peace with Israel is no longer possible.

Meshaal wants rights groups to “expose” Israeli “crimes” against gaza. He asked for Egypt’s support.

Hamas Palestinians are claiming Israelis are targeting civilians but fail to mention that they use them as human shields. They are winning the PR war by setting up their own people to be murdered.

via Egypt Daily News

An Israeli Defence Force spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich, said, “since the beginning Hamas have launched over 1000 missiles, some of which are Iranian manufactured. Some have reached Tel Aviv and the outskirts of Jerusalem.”

“We have been using airstrikes to target Hamas, for example one of our targets is a soccer stadium in the middle of a densely populated area. Hamas used the stadium as a base to launch missiles from,” said Leibovich.

When asked to comment on civilian casualties, Leibovich said, “most of the blame for this lies with Hamas. When they use civilian areas for terrorist activities then these things happen, Hamas chose to launch missiles from civilian areas. The majority of the casualties were terrorists.”

Read more at english.Ahram

While Reuters reports claim that Hamas is desperate for a ceasefire, Hamas has actually stepped up their rocket attacks instead of easing off.

Israel stands ready for an invasion:

video via Haaretz