President Obama’s Disingenuous IRS Speech



President Obama gave a 4 minute speech Wednesday evening to address the IRS scandal.

He announced that his Treasury Secretary Jack Lew asked for and accepted the resignation of Steven Miller, the Acting Director of the IRS, so new leadership can be put in place.

Miller was Acting Commissioner and was going to leave in early June anyway. Curiously, the Washington Examiner reported Tuesday that Steven Miller investigated anti-Clinton people while an IRS agent.

Obama plans to work with Congress and the IG report to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal and see that it never happens again. He doesn’t want any politicization of it which translates into Republicans had better not criticize him.

The problem is that he is at the bottom of it.

When the Citizens United case was decided, President Obama railed against it because he said that corporations would sink countless sums of money into elections. Citizens United granted personhood to corporations and allowed anonymous donations.

Obama demanded legislation to reverse the decision but that never came. Obama demanded investigations of the 501(4)(c) corporations. Democratic Senators sent letters to the IRS calling for investigations of the 501(4)(c)’s. At the same time, the IRS began investigating the 501(c)(4)’s.

Is it any wonder the IRS had the impression that they should move ahead with their singling out of conservative 501(4)(c)’s for investigations?

President Obama said the laws have to be clear and unambiguous. This is a confusing statement since there is nothing ambiguous about the law. It is a violation of federal law to deprive citizens of their constitutional rights. The law is clear.

President Obama’s speech: