President Obama’s Map of Israel Looks Like 1967


The President will visit the West Bank, Israel, and Jordan next week. The Washington Post is touting this as an opportunity to “repair relations with disappointed Israelis.”

The President is preparing for his trip to Israel with his usual good will towards them. He is known as Israel’s best friend thanks to the Jew-bashing columnist for the NY Times, Thomas Friedman.

Barack Obama has put out an informative video prior to his visit and during it the map of Israel is shown missing key areas of the country.

Freeze it at 00:26:

The Washington Free Beacon noticed that the map of Israel shown on the White House promo tape is missing “the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, northern Israel, and areas surrounding what is currently the West Bank as non-Israeli territory. The Golan Heights is shown as part of Syria; Jerusalem is shown as part of the West Bank; and northern Israel is shown as part of Lebanon.”

The trip refers to Jerusalem as a separate entity, not as the capital of Israel or even a part of the country.

Check out Israel’s 1967 borders and its similarities to Obama’s map:

Israel's 1967 borders
Israel’s 1967 borders

President Obama will not visit the Western Wall and he will not address the Knesset while he is there.

Barack Obama will receive Israel’s prestigious Presidential Medal of Distinction during his time in Israel. He is their best friend after all.