President Obama’s May 16 Press Conference – More Manipulation



photo of President Obama

On Thursday, President Obama held a joint press conference with Tayvip Erdogan, the Turkish PM. The conference focused on Syria but there wasn’t much new on that front. The president again said that there is evidence Assad’s government is using chemical weapons but he needs more evidence.

President Obama gave a preemptive strike on Benghazi in his opening remarks by hinting that the Benghazi “event” was the result of poor funding though that has been debunked from the onset, starting with Charlene Lamb’s testimony.

The first question by a reporter addressed the IRS scandal. President Obama answered that he took the first step by firing Steven Miller.

On Wednesday, Obama’s Treasury Secretary Jack Lew asked for and received the resignation of Steven Miller, the IRS Acting Commissioner who was going to leave in early June. Therefore, Miller will now leave at the exact same time he was going to leave anyway.

President Obama is holding people accountable!

A Bloomberg reporter asked the president if he knew about the AP records grab before it took place. He didn’t answer the question. He answered evasively by saying he didn’t know about the findings of the report. He failed to say whether or not he knew about the DOJ grab before it happened.

Obama said he didn’t know what was in the IG report until we all knew. He didn’t explain how the White House counsel could know for three weeks but never thought to say anything to him.

Obama said he’d work with Congress on following all the recommendations in the IG report.

Obama wants to look at the laws. That is a baffling comment since there is nothing confusing or unclear about the laws.

Obama said the IRS is operating as a quasi-independent institution. He said this to distance himself from an agency that is an arm of his Executive Branch.

One reporter asked about the AP records grab again.

Obama said his concern is that if there is a problem in the government, his job is to fix it. He said it is true of Benghazi  and that he will work with Congress to make sure there is adequate funding. It is true of the IRS case also, he said.

He said he can only talk broadly about the AP records grab because it is a pending case. Leaks relating to national security can put people at risk. US national security is dependent on our servicemen and diplomats operating safely and not left high-and-dry. [Unfortunate he didn’t feel that way before Benghazi] Obama said he makes no apologies. He added that the American people expect him to be concerned about leaks of information that could get people killed.

He then said that he believes so deeply in democracy and that process as he looks at the flip side of the coin [free press].

Obama again brought up the Shield Law which he hopes will be renewed with appropriate balance. President Obama rejected the Shield Law when it was before Congress previously. The Shield Law is thought to be a bad law but it would make people like Chuck Todd happy.

The president is going to attribute the Benghazi “event” to poor funding. He has already said the Talking Points are merely a sideshow.

President Obama released 100 pages of Benghazi e-mails and notes out of more than 20 thousand plus possible. The e-mails were exchanged on 9/14/12 and confirmed that the Talking Points were cleansed of al Qaeda references and all mention of the prior attacks, at the behest of the White House and State Department. They proved that Jay Carney and President Obama lied when they said the White House did not change the Talking Points.

CBS is running cover for the president and made a point on CBS radio Thursday of saying that the e-mails verified that the administration believed it was an anti-video protest. That is not accurate. The only thing the e-mails and notes confirm is that they were using the Cairo protest as one potential cause of the attack on 9/14. We still don’t know where the video protest idea came from. It did not come from the situation on the ground.