Presidential Hopeful Joe Biden Wows Women’s Conference


He didn’t wow them, I’m being sarcastic.

Joe Biden wanted to explain to his audience at the DNC’s Women’s Conference that the Republicans today aren’t like the ones of days past. The Republican Party isn’t what it used to be, he lamented.

People like Bob Packwood are missed he opined.

Packwood was known for his sexual promiscuity. Nothing says Women’s Conference like Bob Packwood.

Bob Packwood, a liberal Republican who was once chairman of the Finance committee, now operates as a lobbyist.

Mr. Obama promised to rid the White House of lobbyists but then he hired them and Biden obviously admires at least this one.

It is that great guy – Bob Packwood – that he misses though Packwood still roams the halls of congress talking people into giving favors.

It’s a wonder why he misses him. He’s still there.

Packwood had to resign in October 1995, after a committee unanimously recommended he be expelled from the senate for ethics violations.

While he was known for his sexually promiscuity, his senatorial double dealings brought him more attention at the time. He arranged to have a cash retainer paid to his wife by a lobbyist; he pledged to a lobbyist working for Shell Oil that he’d pass a special oil tax bill to thank him for raising campaign cash. “Ron, I still hate the oil companies,” he told the gentleman, “but I’ll do you a favor.”

There’s more but you get the idea. Go to Hot Air for more details.

Remember, he’s only one heartbeat away. If he wins the primary in 2016, he could be the next president. Yay! (Yes, that’s more sarcasm.)

Watch the video from Washington Free Beacon: