Presidential Perks Gone Royal: New Book Exposes Obama Family’s Decadance


A new book by Robert Keith Gray, Presidential Perks Gone Royal, exposes the extraordinary and unbridled expenses of our current First Family and the path that led to it.

While Americans are struggling to find work, the Obama’s live like royals. Last year, the presidential family cost us at least $1.4 billion in personal expenses and perks.

President Obama uses taxpayer dollars for his campaigning. There are requirements for the president to pay back small amounts but not if he can find an excuse for being there on state business, which he has no problem doing.

He appears to have spent $103,000 to have someone walk his dog, Bo, who has his own staff.

There is no one to monitor the president’s expenses. He can hop onto Air Force One and Marine One, for instance, any time he wants without any limitation. There is no central bookkeeping to keep track of his expenses and there is no way to know for sure, how much was actually spent, but it is at least $1.4 billion.

Abigail Adams used to hang her laundry in the East Room. We’ve come a long way baby.