Probe Into Broward Sheriff’s Doing Nothing During Stoneman Killings


According to CNN, the Coral Springs police were very upset that the Broward Sheriffs never went into the school building, even after they showed up and went in to confront the shooter. In addition, they seemed to take credit for taking action.

Four deputies did not enter the school but only one was going to be suspended. The deputies said they were told not to go into the school. We don’t know who told them that or if it’s true. Perhaps, if it was anyone, it was the deputy who retired under duress, Scot Peterson. What if it was the sanctimonious Sheriff Israel.

The Coral Springs police were “stunned” and “upset” at the situation according to CNN’s reporting.

Jake Tapper reported that at a Feb 15 vigil, in front of dozens of others, Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum confronted Broward County Sheriff Israel. Goodrum was upset that the Broward deputies had remained outside the school while kids inside could have been bleeding out.

The Coral Springs police chief didn’t deny it and came close to confirming it.

The Corl Springs Police Department’s official statement was purposely vague.

The Email Sent by the Coral Springs Police Chief

According to Jake Tapper, the Coral Springs Police Chief Anthony Pustizzi sent out this email to his staff on Feb 16 because, per source, some officers under his command were upset that Broward Sheriff’s Office wasn’t acknowledging that Coral Springs Police were first to charge into MSD High School:


  1. Fox can be as bad as CNN. This morning there was a panel of five “experts” from attorneys to police officers etc., discussing the issue of school shootings. One was a Pediatrician who kept referring to the gun as the AK15, instead of AR15. She was the one who also brought up Australia. I checked into mass shooting in Australia because everyone says there have no more school shootings as a result. Well, there were NO school shootings Before that ban. The majority of mass shootings have been Within families so the entire argument when using Australia is flawed in the extreme.

    Another one said we cannot frame the debate as “gun control” and instead needs to be framed as public safety.

    The attorney mentions we should be more concerned about the lives lost. Well, there certainly seems to be one particular thread that IS common in these events, and that is psychotropic drugs. Someone went through each of these cases and identified what particular drugs each individual was taking. There hasn’t been as much details on the Cruz case as yet. No doubt THIS isn’t covered in the media because a good many advertisers Are pharmaceutical companies.

    It can be compared to the vaccine industry. How many are aware that laws were passed to “protect” the manufacturers from liability and instead a special “Vaccine Court” was set up and has paid out BILLIONS in claims. Has This EVER been in the news. The information IS on the website so the media cannot complain they don’t, or didn’t know.

    In all these drug related cases there Are warnings By the manufacturers but nothing is ever covered by the media. Instead it is a cover-UP.

    • This is going on all while Cruz makes his way to Subway, ordered a drink then set off on foot to McDonald’s, left McDonald’s and then Cops caught up with Cruz about 40 minutes later??? what the heck was going on there????

  2. Exactly, that hasn’t been brought up again since the original report of his movements.

    Those kids who are spending so much time on TV may have lost friends but that is Not the same as losing a family member. I looks like those who DID lose family members aren’t on a gun-control bandwagon and seek actual solutions to “fixing” it. The one person at the White House who spoke of gun control may have lost a friend but not a family member.

    Pollack was impassioned in wanting those answers and I can understand the panic he went through when searching for his daughter, only to learn the worst. The time was very shortly after the Adam Walsh kidnapping and I turned away for less than 30 seconds at a carnival and when turning back around she was gone. The next 5 minutes were utter panic as I literally dragged my son along searching for her and that “scared feeling” is still clear today. I could not help but think that I was going to be in Pollack’s shoes.

    So, for these people to make it All about politics is infuriating. I see there is a twitter post by Hogg “FedEx chairman is Fred Smith. Apparently he’s a huge republican donor.”, which shows me he doesn’t care one damn bit about seeing his classmates “protected”. Instead he’s out for Republican blood. To me, he’s a disgusting little brat, and any parent who “allows this behavior is even worse. If I had the opportunity I would tell them both to their faces they care NOTHING about children.

  3. Today During a long interview with Joy Reid on her MSNBC show today, Hogg at one point looked directly into the camera and said that in contrast with several other companies that had offered discounts to NRA members: “FedEx still has not dropped their deal with the NRA. The CEO is one of the biggest donors to the NRA. And we have to take care of them. And as a result, if they aren’t going to, we’re going to have to take action as the consumers. Because we have the power in a business, just like we have the power in our democracy.” Earlier in the interview, Hogg boasted of how his Twitter following has exploded. last week on one of his interviews he was saying how little sleep he’s been getting due to all media interviews he’s been doing…………………..this little punk don’t give a rats a** about anyone but himself and his delusions to become a media celebrity, during the interview he boasted about running home after the shooting to get his video camera, he didn’t want to loose the chance to record the emotional turmoil this horrific event has caused his fellow students, ……………..what a little piece of vomit this kid is

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