Professor Punished After Singing “California Girls” to University Snowflakes


Buck Ryan is an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky and he learned the hard way that you can’t sing the Beach Boys song, “California Girls”, because of its the “sexual nature” of its “language”.

It’s offensive to snowflakes.

The professor reworded the Beach Boys song, “California Girls”, for his students during the closing ceremonies of an inaugural Education Week at a Chinese university as part of a UK program. He taught a class, “Storytelling: Exploring China’s Art and Culture” as they prepared for a trip to China. He sang things like,  “Well Shanghai girls are hip; I really dig those styles they wear…” He was trying to help them learn the different regions using humor.

How appalling is that? Mao would have a fit.

Professors be forewarned. That song is now banned.

Under Administrative Regulation 6:1, Discrimination and Harassment, UK’s Title IX coordinator ruled that the song, “California Girls,” included “language of a sexual nature” and was somehow offensive, though no victims were identified.

This isn’t satire.

There was a three-month investigation and they found no student complaints in 30 years.

He was told what his punishment would be in a letter put on his desk.

“The dean who issued my punishment never talked to me,” the professor wrote. “I learned about my fate in a letter dropped on me by two assistants just before I was to teach a class.”

The no-victim crime has a stiff punishment.

“My punishment in this case-without-victims bans me from receiving international travel funds and strips me of a prestigious award worth thousands of dollars.”

The professor did ask about his due process rights.

When I inquired about my due process rights, I was told by the provost that I didn’t have any. Here’s the quote:

“There is no constitutional right to represent the University of Kentucky abroad. Nor is there a constitutional right to teach a particular class. Accordingly, the University has no obligation to provide you with due process.”

Isn’t that lovely.

Students accused of rape get the same treatment.

Title IX is a tyrannical rule in the hands of university officials.

A letter by UK Title IX coordinator, Patty bender, as described in the Lexington Herald Leader, offered the university’s position:

Bender’s 2015 letter to Ryan said investigators found evidence of inappropriate behavior and language with students during a trip to teach at Jilin University in China. Concerns were reported by fellow faculty.

“More than a preponderance of the evidence reveals that Mr. Ryan acted inappropriately in violation of the discrimination and harassment policy prohibiting inappropriate touching and language of a sexual nature,” Bender’s letter said. “Making it especially egregious is the fact that he was with students at a university where he was a representative of the University of Kentucky, and he fails to acknowledge any responsibility.”

Should we believe her? There’s no information here. If the university finds “California Girls” offensive and Officials don’t believe in due process, why believe a thing they say? What was the touching? Did he shake hands with someone?

His crime, so far as we know now, was singing about…GIRLS!

If he rapped a song about “b*tch slapping the ho”, he would have been fine.




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