Propaganda Ads Aimed At The Young

HHS Offering Help Where None Is Needed

I usually don’t listen to TalkRadio. I simply don’t have the time. Today, I had time.

More significant to me than the shows were the commercials. Commercial after commercial was about this or that government agency which will help with this or that. At least that was the case day before yesterday. I felt indoctrinated by Big Brother within a couple hours.You would think the government had my back on every issue imaginable.

My favorite WABC  ad is the HHS oil spill distress helpline which is aimed at the indoctrination of teens. The voice of a worried teenage girl comes on. The teen talks to her fears about deepwater oil spills (In New York? Because that is where it is aired).

She talks about jobs lost (Obama’s fault) and the poor fish. She makes that point that she and her friends talk about it all the time and doesn’t know why there should even have to be an oil distress helpline. I wonder too since I live in New York and my tax dollars do not need to fund HHS oil spill commercials in a place where there are none.

There is no question that the BP oil spill was traumatic and I agree that providing help to those affected in 2010 was important. BUT offering up a teen helpline two years after to anyone and everyone who listens to WABC is nothing less than brainwashing. It’s all about propagandizing the anti-fossil fuel movement.