Propaganda – A Brief Summary of the Techniques (Update)


I posted what I believe to be a parody of a logo two nights ago and I believe it was another ruse to make people look exteme. It was allegedly the new Truth Team logo.

As an aside, it is hard to believe Obama could call his supporters – The Truth Team – but, then again, he does hire Czars. These are the words of propagandists.

I put the logo up and deleted it. It was posted by a comedian who might be looking for material for his next performance.

I think the experience can be used to make a point. How does one find the truth when we are continually and subtly being bombarded with propaganda over time and much of it comes from our corrupt media?

Propaganda is used in logos, posters, verbiage, particularly sound bites, et cetera to distort the truth and to subtly influence our thinking as you know. It is also used to diminish the opposition.

I remind myself that wiith logos, sound bites, posters and any type of advertising or propaganda, it is so important to be mindful but not responsive. Propaganda is such a sly, manipulative infiltrator.

Since I have been querying people on what logos are parodies and which are not, I thought I’d post this. Can you guess which one is real – if any?




So what do you think?

The answer is here: MDA. The left response – see here: They say it, therefore it is so, despite some evidence to the contrary.

In all fairness, the logo was used prior to 2008. Maybe that tells us more about propaganda and the careful thought that goes into propagandizing people over time then it tells us anything about a particular person – but there is a lesson here. I know I don’t like the new logo but that’s my personal response. For me, it loses the strength of defense that was inherent in the original logo and it conveys an image of a hood ornament.

Getting back to propaganda, used by all sides, some more than others, I think it is good to be conscious of it in the media at all times. My site offers commentary but I back it up and will correct errors should they occur. What happens when it is not backed up or altered?

Propaganda is by-and-large deceitful or exaggerated and it is used to manipulate. Putting the candy by the cash register or a wholesome child’s face on a sugary cereal is somewhat harmless, but when propaganda is used to distort our more important choices in life, we best give it a lot of thought.

The basic principles of propaganda are known but this might serve as a reminder because it will be used against us –

Name calling

When Maxine Waters calls all Republicans “demons,” she is certainly doing that.

Another approach is to goad people into overreacting so they can be labeled extremists or stupid. Ridicule tends to infuriate people and they negate their own arguments with exaggerated reactions as their opponents had planned.

Repeating the same adjectives over-and-over to paint people with the same brush eventually paints its way into peoples’ subconscious and it is particularly insidious. Say it often enough and people will believe it.  For example, making Tea Party people synonymous with all Republicans and then labeling them extremist gives them one identity which is meant to diminish. It leaves no room for argument or differentiation among viewpoints.

Constantly saying Republicans want dirty air and dirty water (Obama) or that they are obstructionists (most of the Democrats in Congress and the President have made this accusation without proof) becomes part of the public consciousness despite the fact that it offers not one bit of fact.

Denouncing special interest groups such as anyone supporting the other side and not your own is name calling.

Adjectives are problematic. The “extremist Republicans” or the “lying politicians” (hhmmm…well, maybe that’s a bad example.)

The Straw Man

This is the art of illogical reasoning. All Catholics are for contraception, therefore the church needs to get in tune. The church is against women’s rights and it has nothing to do with religious freedom. This tells the church that their views are not acceptable because a majority says they are not – that is illogical. A equal B, therefore, A is C. All Catholics are for contraception therefore it is not a religious freedom issue – one has nothing to do with the other. This sets up a fallacious rationalization not based in logical reasoning.

Glittering Generality 

We have multiple examples. Calling Poly Sci major, Al Gore, an expert in Global Warming is an absurd generality in that there is nothing scientific about Political Science.

Calling things green, natural or organic doesn’t make it so. Solar energy uses coal in its formation and since much of it is made in China, it is done so with a great deal of pollution.

Calling Obamacare moral doesn’t make it so. In fact, some view it as outright theft and government intrusion on personal liberties. Certainly it alters our capitalist system for all times.


Another way is to transfer the power, prestige, respect, and authority of a symbol or group from one to the other without basis – false comparisons.

Fred Thompson advertises for reverse mortgages so they must be good. Another for instance, I went to a rally of anti-war activists. When they started out, they had desecrated flags and photos that depicted soldiers as murderers. Now they hang U.S. flags and have signs pleading to bring our soldiers home safely.

Another was almost heard at the House hearings on religious freedom the other day. Instead of speaking directly to the issue of religious freedom in this ongoing battle between the churches and the HHS rule to mandate abortifacients/contraceptives, the Democrats wanted to bring in a young woman with a compelling, irrelevant story about a friend who died and might have been saved by contraceptives. The story had no scientific or religious relevance to the topic and was only meant to pander to the emotions so it could be used later on as a talking point.

Making it about women’s rights instead of sticking to the point is transfer.

Then there is guilt-by-association such as calling Obama a racist because he spent 20 years listening to the sermons of a racist who ranted his beliefs from the pulpit (okay, bad example).


Climate change theorists continually use non-peer reviewed papers as if they were as credible as peer reviewed. Since they have been kept secret, we now know data was falsified and one doesn’t know what to believe. The purpose of peer review is to provide the important scientific vetting. Some people will say peer review does the opposite, but not if it is a careful scientific analysis.

People whore themselves out all the time. Don’t pick a candidate because some well-known person likes him.

Just one of you

When a politician like Obama who grew up in Hawaii with all the benefits of a reasonably well-off family, went to the best colleges, made a living that puts him in the highest brackets of society starts talking to people in ghettos as if he were one of them, he is being disingenuous. He is not and never has been – one of them.

Card Stacking

Present only the facts that benefit the argument being presented (and not labeling it as opinion). It’s challenging on my site because my site is meant to debunk and challenge – it’s what I do – because the lamestream media does not.

I just read an article by Bill Moyers on the Church-Obamacare controversy. Not once did he mention the fact that many religious facilities are self-insured, rendering the “indirect” payment moot completely. That was only one example of a string of fallacious biased arguments he made as a journalist, one who did not do his groundwork.


Most people want to conform and get along. They want to go with a winner. When polls and statistics are skewed, they push people towards a particular candidate.

That’s why you hear things like only the “fringe” is opposed to Obamacare and anyone opposed will kill millions of sick and old people. Everyone prefers Obamacare.

I heard a Progressive from the Demos Foundation on Cavuto the other day who said Progressivism and Government in charge of most or all our needs is what the American people want. If he says it enough, people will jump on board.

Limiting Choices

Giving people two choices – you are with us or against us or you are part of the solution or the problem. You are a “true conservative” or you are not is a good example. The reality is that our world is mostly shades of gray and most things are never black and white.

Pejorative Labels

These are meant to exclude the opposition or put the opposition on the defensive. It cheapens the opposition. Labeling Republicans as extremist and wanting to kill old people by destroying Medicare is patently untrue but it makes for a good sound bite. No matter how much they say they want to save it, people often remember the first sound bite. Stay away from extremist labels whenever possible though I did call Obama a madman for wanting to destroy our weapons – I think I’m accurate.

People are often demeaned because they are smart or intellectual, being called geeks or nerds. The same holds true for non-intellectuals who have intelligence and commons sense or are just correct on an issue.

Calling Obama an extremist for wanting to eviscerate 80% of our nuclear weapons is not inaccurate since we are at war with enemies proliferating nuclear weapons. Coming from an area of strength, not weakness is advisable.

Snob Appeal

All the intellectual, pinot noir drinking sophisticates say it is so, therefore it is so. You want to be in with the in-crowd, don’t you?


The Affordable Care Act which is not affordable and has us on an unsustainable trajectory financially is euphemistic. Clean energy which requires corrupt processes to be built, especially when built in china, is not so clean and it sure isn’t cheap. Nuclear is the cleanest but it is not perfectly clean either.

The Fairness Doctrine which takes away free speech or The Employee Free Choice Act which takes away the right to a secret ballot are good examples. Lying with positive words to clean up a not-so-positive reality!


If there are any changes to Medicare, you will all die. In fact, a half trillion dollars will be taken from Medicare this year. Eventually, seniors will be pushed onto a less effective Medicaid system. Doctors are dropping Medicare or threatening to do so because of the changes stemming from Obamacare.

All Republicans are neo-cons – there is no in between. Meanwhile, many wars were started by Democrats.

Mob Rule

Dare to be different. I’m not fostering extremism but when your gut tells you something, listen.


Without considering the research, implications and other factors, we could be all wrong. It doesn’t mean you have to change your values, only keep an open mind.

Divide and Conquer

Divide people, pinpoint the enemy, and give them no voice.


Be careful with this. We should consider the future, but the crystal ball clouds up in our ever-changing world.

Every person is an individual and is unique to be valued for his/her viewpoints. Let reasonable arguments prevail.