Proposed DNC Chair Is Too Radical for the Hard-Core Left


Keith Ellison is so extreme that he’s too extreme for the hard-core and he’s the top choice for Chairman of the Democrat National Committee.

Is there no left the Democrat Party won’t move to?

The Democrat Party keeps moving further and further left. Even after the rejection of Barack Obama’s far-left agenda, they are going to move further left with a man who is tied to radical terrorists, the Communist Party, and Louis Farrakhan.

The party is doubling down and relying on the extremists among them.

Host Stacy Washington told Charles Payne on Fox Business, “When you thought of the candidates or people they [Democrat Party] might bring forward, Keith Ellison was one of the last individuals I would ever even consider. Considering the election results, considering the hard core move to the left that the Obama Administration made over the past eight years and anger Americans feel towards that, lack of focus on jobs, failed energy policy, foreign policy…they choose someone— or are considering someone, he’s made a trip to Mecca funded by Muslim brotherhood. We’re even on the extreme of hard core Democrats.”