PTA Grinches in Texas Ban Red and Green at Christmas Party


Fox 4 News in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area reports that Nichols Elementary School, in Frisco, Texas of all places, has a PTA that thinks fascist rules need to be applied to the school’s ‘winter’ party, formerly known as the Christmas party.

The rules are: There can be no reference to Christmas or any religious holiday, no red or green, no Christmas trees, and nothing that will stain the carpet of course.

grinch The grinch would only be banned from the ‘winter’ party for wearing red and green.


A PTA parent sent an email advising parents in the school of the new rules.

Someone needs to tell the PTA parents who sent out the email that Christmas is a national holiday. They don’t appear to know much about the 1st Amendment either.

A parent who received the email sent it to Rep. Pat Fallon who sent a letter to the school district advising them that there is Merry Christmas law.

House Bill 308 (The Merry Christmas Bill) was signed into law on June 14th. It ‘clarifies and codifies’ the right of students and district staff to discuss winter holidays as they please, including using the terms, ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy Hanukkah.’ Symbols may also be displayed. [Sad that Texas needs a law for this]

This is nuts, it really is. You have people in a PTA who think they have the right to tell people what they can or cannot say or wear. If these people think they are liberals, they are sadly mistaken. There is nothing liberal about any of this.

The Dallas area has become inundated with far-left extremists who are on a mission and it sounds like that is what might be going on here. Liberal-statists ruin the place they’re in and then move to a good conservative area and ruin that.

Despite Rep. Fallon’s email, the rules remain in place. The PTA sent a second email saying that the rules would not be changed so as not to offend anyone. The parent objecting to their rules is offended but apparently that doesn’t count.

The school told Rep. Fallon that they have no policy against Christmas or Hanukkah but the PTA can have different rules, which is a cop-out.

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