Put FEMA on the Short List for Waste & Fraud Investigations


The Democratically-controlled Senate, and the Democratically-controlled Congress before it, have not passed a budget in violation of the laws of the United States. Passing these deficit budgets would make elected officials accountable for them, so they simply don’t pass any or they wait until well after the election, and, by that time,  the money has been spent. What most elected officials care about is the next election.

Since there is no budget, we need to continually pass continuing resolutions to keep the government running. The Republicans won’t pass a resolution adding more debt unless cuts are made, and the Democrats won’t make any cuts, though defense is always on the table.

FEMA recently shouted out that they needed emergency funds. The Congress was ready to get the funds when FEMA said, oh, never mind, we don’t need them after all.

I keep hearing that Congress should be embarrassed. Sorry, I see FEMA as the culprits here. What is FEMA doing by asking for money they don’t need? I bet there is a lot of waste and fraud in their department. I think they need to be investigated. Put them on the short list.