Putin Complains About Anti-Trumpers While Russian TV Calls Trump a Spy


Russians are crazy-makers. While Russian President Putin was criticizing the forces that are harming Russia-American relations, his state-controlled TV blasted President Trump as smelling like a Kremlin agent.

Russian President Putin allegedly went off script during a presser with his state-run news organizations to complain about the forces undermining Russia-American relations.

“These people are neither despicable or pathetic,” Putin said referring to famous Russian satirists of the past. “The opposite, they are quite powerful and strong of they can peddle, sorry for my expression, various hard to swallow stories to millions of people,” he concluded.

During his speech, Putin also stressed the need to “develop relations with the European Union” despite current political tensions. He also warned any country against trying to include Ukraine or Georgia in NATO.

He further warned Russia would “respond in kind to any aggressive steps that directly threaten Russia.”


At the same time, Kremlin-approved TV is bashing President Trump as a Kremlin spy, NH Register reported.

“When Trump says our relations are bad because of American foolishness and stupidity, he really smells like an agent of the Kremlin,” said Olga Skabeeva, a host of the Russian program “60 Minutes.”

Russia‘s state TV host declared, “It is very bizarre, you can’t bash your own country like that – especially when you’re the President.” The female host: “When Trump says our relations are bad because of American foolishness and stupidity, he really smells like an agent of the Kremlin.” ©️ pic.twitter.com/8fRLrZbUul


  1. The more I dig into it the more I find there is significant disinformation from “our” side.

    One of the biggest contentions is the “Russian invasion of Ukraine”. All evidence is showing this to be false. First, we must remember that Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and therefore had a quite large supply of weapons, Soviet / Russian made. There were some tanks used by Ukrainian’s ethnic Russians that had been stored away and were refurbished and painted and put into service when the conflict was underway, which was after Kiev’s retaliation, which I detailed before.

    One of the major “proofs” was on the Senate floor by James Inhofe where he displayed a photo of a large Russian Tank column moving down a highway. I don’t know where Inhofe got the photo but it wasn’t current, rather from many years previously. This isn’t the first time Senators have been duped in regards to Russia.

    Another “piece” of evidence was by Poroshenka showing six Russian passports as “proof” the Russian military were present. There’s only one problem with him holding up those passports. There were 3 Pairs. In Russia there is a “passport” that is equivalent to the US drivers license which is carried at all times. There is another passport carried when traveling abroad and is never carried except when traveling abroad. Now, the question is, Why, would Russian military be carrying a traveling passport. They don’t.

    Another “proof” cited is satellite images of Eastern Ukraine and Russian military. But there is a big problem with the image. It is of such LOW resolution that nothing can be determined. It doesn’t even reach the level of image quality during JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Are we to believe satellite imagery of the US Government is that poor in quality.

    Now, to look at Russian-American relations which has been largely determined by the Magnitsky Act and William Browder. I knew very little to nothing about either until Magnitsky was brought up during the Trump Jr. meeting. This Act alone, has led to a Gobal condemnation and sanctions against Russia.

    If all is as Browder tells then the actions would probably be appropriate. But, and there is a but here. I only had to spend a few hours to find and learn that Browder is a con-man and a liar, actually by his own words. He testified at the Senate Intelligence hearing and knowing nothing of him I didn’t bother to pay attention, but should have. He either blatantly lied in front of the Senate or lied in a Court deposition.

    First, he says in Senate testimony he hired Magnitsky as his lawyer when his business was raided. In Court testimony he states Magnitsky is NOT a lawyer and worked for him for years before the raid. All one has to do is “compare” the transcripts.

    In order to understand Browder we first must realize that he renounced his citizenship in 1998 for what, “tax purposes”. THIS is why Putin brought up the tax issue. He set up a hedge fund in Russia, and to be brief, claimed tax deductions for hiring disabled Afghan war vets. The issue was he didn’t actually hire the disabled but claimed them. This is where the tax violation comes from that Putin mentions. As a result he lost his Russian visa. Magnitsky was an accountant for one company that had some involvement in all this.

    It would take too much to cover all this but suffice to say Browder used all this in getting the Magnitsky Act passed. Browder claims 8 Russian guards beat Magnitsky to death. According to Magnitsky’s family he only had bruised knuckles and wrists, probably from handcuffs. Everyone agrees the prison system in Russia is terrible at best. It was those conditions and lack of medical care that caused his death.

    A couple final points. Browder was a very big supporter of Putin until such time the tax issue came about. Furthermore, academic studies About Browder on the Corporate Governance role in the media from 2006 details how Browder “leverages” the media to accomplish his end goals. He states in that academic study that he found giving a small piece of a story to a journalist and letting them know in three days they will give it to someone else if they write nothing then that person will be concerned “losing” the story to a competitor. He used the same technique with the courts. He also argues being involved in 32 cases and loses 31 but the publicity is what works. There is a great deal about this man, Browder, that should be widely exposed, but he has a large legal team when anyone tries. I really wonder how much we’re being conned “by the elites”, as Browder and others.

  2. Lee Stranahan gives a concise detailing of Browder. Some news organization should do an expose on this man. This has to be one of the biggest scandals of all times, especially concern global implications.

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