Putin Would Love the National Popular Vote Compact

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is writing for HuffPo. His article is entitled, Russia: The Ethnicity Issue.

His endless propaganda and lies would make one think it was Obama talking.

This caught my eye –

One more point of principle is that we must promote a democratic, multi-party system. Decrees are to be issued soon, which will simplify and liberalise the registration and functionality of political parties; proposals on reestablishing the popular election of regional governors are being put into practice.

This is exactly what the National Popular Vote Compact will do. The NPVC will nationalize the election & allow for multi-party candidates. WIKI

This article is subtle propaganda to encourage the Progressives among us and make them believe we can follow a path to the Utopian communism.

His article is mostly lies about his religious tolerance, dislike for nationalism, and his hopes for a united society. He is trying to define his country as a historic state and he appeals to the culture in a way that one of Hitler.