Question: How important is it for Republicans to win the Senate Majority?


Question: How important is it for Republicans to win the Senate Majority?

Answer: Probably the most important vote in recent history.

During my lifetime, I cannot think of a period when the fate of our individual freedoms has been more at stake.  What happens this November and in 2016 has become a make or break point for the future of the United States of America.  Harry Reid and the liberal Senate must be defeated in November.  Pure and simple.  We need to win a total of six Senate seats to retake control and Special Operations for America can and will help in three of them with your support.

In addition to the disastrous foreign policy, weekly scandals, government overreach, cover-ups, lies and total incompetence of the President, his minions in the Senate continue his bidding to erode the very foundation of our individual freedoms and the America I spent 20 years defending as a Navy SEAL.

The latest?  Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on The Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights have introduced a constitutional amendment to repeal the First Amendment and restrict the individual right to free speech.

Thankfully, bold leaders like Senator Ted Cruz are fighting to kill this.  The point here is this; the Senate is a breeding ground for liberal ideologies and stalling conservative solutions to restore America.  They have the majority and the votes to push their will on the American people.  SIX victories in November will give the power back to the Republicans.  SIX Victories!

Special Operations for America can and will impact three key Senate races; Arkansas, Iowa and Montana.

With your help, together, we can win these three races.  Polls indicate a strong likelihood of winning all six or even more.  A poll yesterday showing 54% of Americans saying the President cannot lead America any longer certainly will hurt the Democrats.  They will try and run from him, BUT, we will not let them.

Anything you can give will help Special Operations for America beat back the liberal PAC’s and candidates as they try and defend and distort their radical  views of the issues and their lies to create space between themselves and their hero, Barack Obama.  CONTRIBUTE HERE.

If you are unable to give financially, your efforts to keep this message moving forward by sending to friends and groups you are associated with is equally as important and appreciated.


Gary L. Stubblefield
Commander, USN SEAL(Ret)
Chairman, Special Operations for America