Race Baiter Hill Lives in Lily White Town, Trump in Multi-Racial City

Dead broke Clintons home in lily-white neighborhood.
Dead broke Clintons home in lily-white neighborhood.

In 2000, as a “dead broke” Hillary and Bill Clinton were stealing furniture and planning their exit from the White House, they went home shopping. With her eye on a senate seat, the couple focused on New York State. Not the city though. The hunt brought them to an elitist enclave in the very tony town of Chappaqua.

Clinton home, it has a wall. Americans can’t have a wall.

Here are the telling Census statistics available when the Clinton’s, who undoubtedly super-throughly researched this purchase, closed the deal.

  • Population-9,468 people
  • White- 91.80%,
  • Hispanic or Latino-2.55%
  • African American-0.94%-that’s less than 1%

In the 2010 Census, after a major adjustment in the town’s boundaries dramatically shrunk the population, percentages ticked up some for Hispanics but barely at all for Blacks.

  • Population-1,436
  • White-81.69%
  • Hispanic or Latino- 7.80%-112 Hispanics, total
  • African American- 1.95%- 28 Blacks, total

For decades, Donald Trump has chosen to live, build and work in one of the world’s most demographically diverse metropolises. His primary home has been Trump Tower, located in Manhattan; the heart of New York City.

Most recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics estimate the following about “Mr. Trump’s neighborhood”.

  • Population-1,644,518
  • White-64.4%
  • Hispanic or Latino-26%-computes to roughly 427,575 Latinos
  • African American-18.2%-computes to roughly 299,302 Blacks

The Clintons, very happily residing in an environment completely un-reflective of the racial or ethnic makeup of our nation, feel it to be a good fit for their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.   Perhaps attempting to establish a Kennedy-type compound, Bill and Hill bought them a neighboring Chappaqua house for over $1 million bucks.

Just looking at the factual demographic breakdown above, it’s amazing that a woman purposely living far removed from the day to day lives of the minorities she claims to champion, can try race baiting a man who’s entire adult life has been spent living among and working with those very same minorities.

How much you wanna bet that Donald Trump has exponentially more than 28 African Americans and 112 Hispanics residing and renting in Trump Tower? How much do you think Hillary would want to bet?




  1. I see 5 black Secret Service SUV’s in her yard. I guess she didn’t give up her gun protection even though she wants you to. Vote Trump!

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