Racial Ambulance Chaser Hill Denied Charlotte Visit, Flood Victims Still Waiting



Hillary Clinton’s recent reactions regarding two major news stories centered in our southern United States, have been markedly different.

Catastrophic flooding” began swamping Louisiana on the 12th of August. Initially somewhere between 6 and 10 inches of rain fell in southeastern parts of the state, with more falling the following day. There were 13 deaths and an estimated 146,000 homes damaged. The cost of the devastation could be upwards of 20 billion dollars.

On August 22, three days after Donald Trump and Mike Pence brought the media spotlight onto that natural disaster with their visit, Hillary released a statement. She “promised”, “I am committed to visiting communities affected by these floods, at a time when the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response, to discuss how we can and will rebuild together.”

On Wednesday, September 21, in Charlotte North Carolina, a black police officer shot and killed a black man, who was said to be armed with a pistol. Law enforcement can be repeatedly heard shouting loud warnings, to drop the gun. Mr. Scott failed to comply.

While the family and others disputed the African American Police Chief’s version of events, violent riots and looting focused on a number of businesses located in an uptown section of the city. There was one death resulting from a rioter apparently shooting and killing someone else in the crowd. Estimates of dollar losses would be a rounding error when compared to the many billions lost in Louisiana.

Within a couple days of the shooting, Hillary, after virtually a week off the campaign trail “prepping for the debate” announced herself perfectly willing to exchange her final full day (Sunday) of that all important preparation, for a photo-op in Charlotte. Democrat Mayor, and Clinton supporter, Jennifer Roberts requested Hill stay away, citing “stretched resources for security”, and law enforcement “working round the clock” dealing with “protests”.

True to her “me first nature”, sleazy attorney Clinton tried applying an ambulance chaser’s approach, seizing on what she considered a polically fortuitous racial incident, despite the fact it involved two black men. The goal was to improve her chances of winning a swing state. Meanwhile the Hillster remains AWOL from “red state” Louisiana, even though it continues to suffer exponentially more, both in terms of financials and loss of life, than has Charlotte.

Why the vastly different responses from the Democrat nominee who wants to be “president of all the people”? A non PC comedian could joke Mrs. Clinton, after all her health issues and weeks of being followed by an ambulance, might at least like the metaphorical image of her being robust enough to be chasing one.

However an extremely insightful pundit hit this nail on it’s ugly head over a month ago. It was written well before North Carolina unrest, and 11 days after Louisiana flooding!

Smartly assessing Clinton’s avoidance of Trump territory by “opting….for days of self-prescribed “rest”, Kevin Hart astutely opined “We learned that Hillary Clinton may believe that black lives matter. But she doesn’t think that Republican lives matter.”

Could that be any more obvious after the last few days? Not hardly.



  1. Maybe she’ll go to Charlotte once she figures out how the Clinton Foundation can make as much money off it as it did when the Foundation ripped off the donations that were supposed to go to Haiti.

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