Racist Ad Attacks Allen West, Despicable Follow-Up to Romney the Felon Ad

Rep. Allen West Depicted As A Violent Felon in New Democratic Super Pac Ad

The Democratic Super Pac ad which blames Romney for the death of a woman from cancer was a despicable lie as has now been proven [Independent Sentinel].  The deceased woman’s husband admits he was even offered a bailout. [Jawa Report] Obama won’t denounce the ad. He merely says he didn’t know about it and can’t control what other people do.

Remember when President Obama call Super Pacs “shadowy” and denounced his opponents for letting them air?  That was then and this is now and it’s inconvenient for him to stick with his said values of 2007.

His quote against John Edwards in 2007 is a perfect example as Fox News pointed out. Check out the quote:

“If [then-Obama communications director] Robert Gibbs started running a [independent political expenditure group] and I called Robert Gibbs and said, ‘Stop running ads on my behalf,’ are you suggesting I would have no influence over Robert Gibbs?”

— Then Sen. Barack Obama, as quoted by Politico, in West Des Moines, Iowa in December of 2007 attacking opponent John Edwards for negative ads being run by an outside group run by a former Edwards aide.

It’s hard to imagine an ad that could be more despicable than one calling Romney a killer, but one democratic Super Pac might have accomplished it with their crazed depiction of Rep. Allen West in a new ad.

This racist ad lashes out at Allen West who is now running to retain his seat in Florida. It begins with an officious female narrator describing Rep. West as a man who beats white women, including a white elderly woman, while he is stealing from middle class blacks.

The ad paints him as violent, anti-woman and as an Uncle Tom who suppresses his own people.

“West has socked it to seniors” [Shows a white elderly woman being socked by him]

“He’s whacked women with his votes” [Here he is beating a young woman]

“He’s mauled middle class families” [The family is black]