Racist Homophobe Putin Bullies Obama – PC Police Impotent



Where are Barack Obama’s PC Police when he really needs them?  After many years of  shielding him from criticisms, and ruthlessly attacking his critics, the always vocal, politically correct crowd has fallen silent.  Worse still they’re mum at a time when Vladimir Putin, someone they would normally, instantly and very loudly label a racist homophobe, bullies our delicate Commander in Chief.

Putin’s recent actions have all the ingredients needed for the “self-appointed definers of socially acceptable language and behaviors” to launch a full scale verbal assault against the offender.  Yet with all this ammunition the usual crew of scolders, finger waggers and intimidators remain mute.  Nothing from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community, or all those celebrities who made TV spots denouncing bullying.  Maybe they’re finding reasons, read excuses, to keep still.

Consider the following:

The typical group of race arsonists don’t have any place to effectively deliver their message.  It’s not like they can have an impact by making their usual trips to MSNBC, D.C., or the doorstep of some poor soul they’ve deemed offensive.  For Sharpton and his crew to be heard where it counts they’d have to head over to Kiev or the Kremlin.  Picture them holding their “Putin is a Racist” signs in Red Square.  Hilarious, right?  Stop laughing cause it’s not gonna happen.

Gay rights groups may be finding it convenient to recall a time when Obama’s view of same sex marriage was a lot closer to Putin’s than their own.  Here’s Barack’s October, 2008 statement on the subject. The first few seconds say it all.

More recently, Obama’s State Department allowed a Syrian leader, Sheikh Mohammad Rateb al-Nabulsi, who’s called for the death of gays, to make a 17 city U.S. fund-raising tour. NY Post

We can assume the Hollywood stars have rationalizations for backing away from their high profile stances against bullying.   Maybe they figure it shouldn’t apply to the former Soviet KGB lieutenant, Putin.  History reminds us that many in Hollywood and on the far left have been either purposefully ignorant of Communist atrocities or happily visiting Marxist enclaves.  New York Mayor DeBlasio honeymooned in Cuba.  Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, Harry Belafonte, and Oliver Stone were big Hugo Chavez fans.

One way or the other Barack Obama’s Politically Correct Police Peeps have left him without their cloak of protection at just about the worst, possible time.  In in what may be their first ever face off with a genuinely fearless opponent they’ve been exposed as completely impotent.