Racist Radio Host Launches Vicious Attack Against A Black Republican Candidate

Thaddeus Matthews, Racist Talk Show Host in Memphis

Calling Don Imus and oh yeah, Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson!

A black DJ launched a racist verbal assault on a black congressional candidate in Tennessee because he believes it is unacceptable for a black to be a Republican.

I’m certain that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will demand his resignation any day now.

FoxNews: In a profanity-laced tirade, a Memphis DJ last week used an on-air interview to berate a local Republican congressional candidate — calling her a “token negro” who is doing the bidding of “white folk.”

DJ Thaddeus Matthews called Charlotte Bergmann, who is black, “stupid.” He referred to her as a “curly-haired nigga.” When she walked out of the interview, he refused to shake her hand, saying he didn’t want to get her “whiteness” on him.

Bergmann said no local organization has come out to object. “The anger has been expressed throughout the nation, but not in my local … area,” she said. Her opponent, White Democrat, Steve Cohen, has issued no statement.

Matthews has stood by the bulk of his comments. He told MyFoxMemphis.com on Thursday that he’s apologized on air for the “whiteness” comment, but he defended the rest.

“I do not regret the content of what I said. In the anger of having another politician in my studio that knows absolutely nothing about nothing and gives me stupid answers, I don’t regret that,” he said. “Now the context of the whiteness rubbing off … that part I do regret, that particular portion of the show. But the rest of everything I said, I meant exactly what I said.”

So far, his station has only issued an apology. Read more: FoxNews

From 3:30 – to 5:30, you can hear the racist Matthews rant at Ms. Bergmann in the most vulgar terms . The fact that she is a woman doesn’t even tone down his disrespectful behavior. It gets even worse a minute later after she has walked out.

Why is Matthews on the air?