Racist Slasher in Queens Yells in Spanish “I’m Going to Kill You White Boy”



A 24-year old Queens man had his throat slashed by a knife-wielding attacker yelling in Spanish, “I’m going to kill you white boy”.

The victim understands Spanish.

The slasher took off with his girlfriend who appeared to be a lookout.

It happened in Ridgewood at about 2:20 am.

It took dozens of stitches to close up the man’s wound.

Police are asking for help in finding this man. They are looking for him as a perpetrator of a hate crime.

Murders are up 20% in New York City in the past year since De Blasio took over.

The attacker can be seen in the video with his girlfriend right before the slashing. He appears to be arguing with her.

Source: NY Daily News