Racists at Procter & Gamble Post a Virulent Anti-White, Anti-Police Ad


One of the most racist ads you might ever see comes via Procter & Gamble this week. It makes victims out of black people, portrays all whites as racist and all police as dangerous bigots. The ad, titled, ‘The Talk’, race baits throughout.

Do these people want to stir up hate among the races?

It begins with a young girl depicted in or about 1950 telling her mother that she was told she’s “pretty for a black girl”. The mother later in the ad tells her “that’s not a compliment”.

In another clip, a black boy and his mother discuss being called the “n” word.

That word happens to be used by black people more than any white people.

In the next scene, a mother tells her son that there are people [that would be white people] who don’t think he deserves the same privileges as others and it’s “not fair”.

Another mother tells her daughter she can do anything “they can do” as the camera pans to a group of white kids. She adds that her daughter will have to work twice as hard.

Then there are the mothers warning their kids about police stopping them with the suggestion that they’ll get killed for doing nothing. Reinforcing stereotypes, a mother tells her daughter, “This is not about you getting a ticket. This is about you not coming home.”

This ad is part of their “My black is beautiful” campaign. It’s a hate campaign.

The ad wasn’t received well on Twitter, not by whites anyway, but P&G doubled down with this next clip in which a woman seems to think they “always have to reaffirm black IS beautiful”. If that’s what she thinks, it’s on her, not all white people.

This is a list of their products if you are interested in avoiding them. There is also a petition you can sign.

Procter & Gamble was accused of being a devil worshipping company in the 1970s, maybe they are after all! It was debunked but who knows, let’s put up these theories on twitter.

Procter & Gamble was also the company that gave porn star Marilyn Chambers her start doing ads for Ivory Snow back in the day. It was 99 and 44/110 % pure. They must have liked whites back then.


  1. Unfortunately under informed people ( mostly liberals ) will not see what this ad is about.

    Just like kids watching a Disney animated movies who do not get the double entendre jokes or play on words that for adults mean something different
    at least half the population will watch that ad and simply see it as a touching ad where concerned mothers are caring for their kids.

    only informed people can see that that ad is very much encouraging BIAS instead of fighting them…

    we live in a crazy and very very sad age

    Why are companies like Proctor& Gamble wasting millions or billions of dollars on things that have NO connections to the toothpaste they sell ( Crest) or the laundry soap they sell( Tide ) et cetera et cetera??

    that is CRAZY completey CRAZY

    why are they doing propaganda? why are they endoctrinating? why don’t they stick to selling their products?

    what is going on?

    is everyone losing their minds???

  2. There was a post after that tweet, Fantasy vs Reality edition. It was Chicago gangsters shooting at R&B singer because he wouldn’t pay extortion money. THIS is the heartbreak in the Black community.

  3. How much do you want to bet this is cover for something else. We learned quite a bit after the Kellogg’s and Breitbart debacle.

    It may be the same with CNN going after Trump because they want to hide the racial discrimination suit against them.

    I suspect there’s an unspoken truth here.

  4. Growing up in the 1950s I don”t remember the word “racist’ being used. The word “n*” was most common. Sorry, not a “PC” correct explain” just the way it was.

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