Radical Brotherhood Controls All Political Power in Egypt, Power They Will Use Against Israel

Mursi Supporters Line the Streets of Cairo

Egyptian President Mursi is a committed Islamist. He is not a moderate.

Today, Mursi fired Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), the leader of the junta in place since Mubarek’s ouster in February of last year. All acting chiefs of Egypt’s military branches were also fired.

They were the only thing that stood between the people and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The firings occurred after an incident on the Sinai border in which military tracked down Islamic terrorists, killing five of them.

The Brotherhood, a radical Islamic organization, is now in charge of all political power in the country – the Parliament, the Presidency, every area of government and the military.

With the new Generals clearly under the leadership of the Brotherhood, opposition is eliminated and Islamists alone will write the new Constitution. Mursi has expressed his desire to have “some” Shariah law.

Coptic Christians show a growing fear of this regime. Two young Christian men were sentenced to jail for insulting Muhammad recently. One 17 year-old was sentenced to three years in jail for publishing cartoons on his Facebook page that mocked Islam and the Prophet Mohammad, actions that sparked sectarian violence against Coptics by Muslims.

Then there is the case of Bishoy Kamel, 32, a Coptic Christian teacher who is facing an investigation for reportedly posting cartoons defaming the Prophet Mohammed and Egypt’s president,  a crime that comes with a five year sentence for blasphemy. [AINA]

Kamel is also accused of having “insulted members of his own family.” Under Shariah, insults are criminal and anything is an insult if the person who is insulted says it is.

Secularists in Egypt believe they will see a free Egypt, but that is unlikely given the fact that Islamists now control all power though Mursi claims to be committed to democracy.

President Obama likes to call the Brotherhood moderate and he pushed Egyptians to include the Brotherhood in the formation of their government last year. He has been a vocal supporter of the Brotherhood and has invited them to the White House, even including a member of a very radical terrorist group.

The Brotherhood gave birth to almost every Islamic terrorist organization in the world and should be on the U.S. terrorist list.

There has been no reaction to the firings of the Generals among the Egyptian people. In fact, many allegedly rallied in support of Mursi’s decision.

This has to be a turn of events that Israel is considering as they contemplate a strike on Iran’s nuclear plants. In addition to resistance from Egypt and other countries in the region, China and Russia, Israel also has to face resistance from the United States.

The Obama administration has deliberately cut off every avenue Israel has from which to launch an attack on Iran. Israel has little time to strike as Iran builds the bomb.

I don’t doubt Egypt will team up with like-minded forces in the region to go against Israel.

Mursi very recently demanded the release of the Blind Sheikh, a terrorist who masterminded the first attack on the World Trade Center. Mursi recently pardoned a dangerous anti-Israel cleric.

Time is growing short for a strike, made all the more evident by the power grab by Mursi, who will present a formidable foe for Israel.  Israel’s very existence is at stake.

The U.S. has outed Israel’s intelligence at every opportunity, even releasing secret information about a possible Israeli launch for an attack on Iran from Azerbaijan air base. Reuters reported that the Obama administration is now considering a possible no-fly zone over Syria which would eliminate a direct route from Israel to Iran.

Obama has every intention of allowing Iran to get the bomb and he will thwart any attempt by Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike.