Rand Paul Calls for a Halt to Immigration from 34 Countries, What Trump Said


Rand PaulWhen FBI Director Comey was questioned on Capitol Hill this week, he agreed with Sen. Sessions that ISIS had control over much of Syria, including government offices where passports are created. They have the capability to put out a passport that defies scrutiny. They probably have a passport printing machine.

A new intelligence report shared with law enforcement warns of ISIS’ ability to create passports utilizing seized Syrian government assets, according to a law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the intelligence report’s contents, confirming Comey’s testimony.

Is it so bizarre to talk about a temporary halt to immigration, especially since we know that the intelligence community is telling us they can’t vet these people?

Senator Rand Paul told Sean Hannity on his show yesterday that he introduced a bill to temporarily halt immigration from over 34 countries, which Hannity believes sounds almost the same as what Donald Trump said. What Paul is saying is not based on religion, however, but rather it’s based on geography.

Hannity brought up the Senate Judiciary Committee “show” resolution that passed which stated that religion can’t be a basis for excluding someone from immigrating into the US.

Hannity focused on Paul’s resolution and said, “I assume you’re listening to James Comey and James Clapper and all the other intelligence officials who are warning we don’t have a good vetting system right now?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” Paul said. “So I think it’s a mistake to have a religious test and I think it’s a mistake to take Hillary Clinton’s position which is radical Islam is not a problem. She’s not going to name the problem. My idea is that we put a pause on immigration for about 34 countries, primarily in the Middle East and we say to ourselves, do we know who is coming into our country now? Do we know they haven’t over stayed their welcome or their Visa? Look, we were attacked on 9/11 by 19 hijackers who used legal immigration to come here. And I’m still not confident that we fixed the problem that let those 19 hijackers in our country.”

Our country was founded on principles of freedom. Many of the early immigrants came because of religious persecution. Theres is a difference, however, in that Islam has been radicalized for many and it is also a political system. Does that matter? What do you think?