Rand Paul Comes Out With a Stunner on Trump


Rand Paul

Rand Paul endorsed Trump on Thursday. He’s an honorable man and said he will honor his pledge to support the party’s nominee

Rand Paul will not run a third party despite encouragement from the #neverTrumpers.

When asked, he said, “You know, I’ve always said I’ll endorse the nominee,” Paul said in an interview with  radio host Leland Conway. “I said that even when I ran [for Senate] in 2010.”

“To me it’s most important that people know that, for Kentucky, the Clinton’s will be terrible. I mean, she said she’s gonna put coal miners out of business.We’ve lost 10,000 jobs. So I think it’s almost the patriotic duty of anybody in Kentucky to oppose the Clintons because I think they’re rotten at the core, I think they’re dishonest people.”

In the past, Paul has called Trump a “delusional narcissist” and a “windbag.”

He chose the lying crook over the delusional narcissist. Most of us would.

There were other surprising endorsements today as reality sets in.

A very big endorsement today was from Nebraska Governor Ricketts. The Ricketds family are a big deal in Nebraska. They spent $5.5 million trying to stop him. Trump felt compelled to threaten the family in February. In a tweet, he told them to “be careful, they have a lot to hide” after it funded Our Principles PAC, a group aimed at stopping him.

It’s doubtful the Ricketts family cared about his tweet.

Governor Mike Pence endorsed Trump a week after he endorsed Senator Cruz. Governor Perry not only endorsed but said he was willing to be his VP.

Speaker Paul Ryan is meeting with Trump on Thursday after saying publicly yesterday that he was not ready to endorse the billionaire businessman.

Two New York representatives, Peter King and Lee Zeldin will support Trump. Florida Governor Rick Scoot has come out in support of Trump but wants no part of being VP. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham won’t support Trump, won’t be at the convention and said Trump will have to do more than eat a taco. He said it is probably not going to fix the problems we have with Hispanics. I think embracing Donald Trump is embracing demographic death.”

The West Virginia Coal Association endorsed Trump.

Bush 41 and 43 and Jeb will not endorse Trump though Jeb did take the pledge.

Dick Cheney has not endorsed any candidate yet but he will support the party’s candidate. He said, while snickering, he was surprised Trump did as well as he did in the polls.



  1. Jeb took the pledge and refuses to support Trump. Apparently his word means nothing.

    • When did any Bushes words mean anything, they were and are career politicians who have tried to steal the crown from the Kennedys and failed.

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