Rand Paul Discusses America’s Socialist Nightmare


Rand Paul said the fact that people who think Bernie Sanders would be good for the country “scares me to death.” If government takes away your choice, does it matter if the majority takes away your rights, is it any better than when the government does it, he asks. It should scare every American to death.

“We are incredibly generous people, but realize that could slip away from us if we let government grow big enough that it gets between us and the people trying to buy and sell things. That’s what really alarms me about — not Hillary Clinton, though she would be a disaster, terrible — but the fact that there’s a significant amount of people in this country who think Bernie Sanders would be good for us scares me to death. Bernie says he’s gonna give everyone free education. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Free education! There is no free lunch. There is nothing that is truly free. If someone offers you something, realize: Who are the only people who get something for nothing? Theives. When you steal something is the only way you get something for nothing. If someone offers you a free education, ask them to tell you the truth? Who is really going to pay for it?

All the freebies will bring down the value of the dollar.

Somebody’s got to pay. The education will not be free. The professors will be paid, the buildings will be built, there’ll be electricity and heat, somebody will pay for the education. Maybe its going to be a carpenter or a plumber who never went to college, or somebody who doesn’t have kids. Or maybe you are going to pay for it. No, no, Bernie says its going to be free. Maybe we print out money, we have a Federal Reserve and we print out money, and we give everybody money so they can pay for education. What happens? The value of the dollar shrinks. You know, over the last hundred years, 96% of the value of the dollar has disappeared, so what happens when the value of the dollar shrinks? Prices go up. So if gas costs more or food costs more, who do you think it hurt the most? The rich or the poor? The poor…

There is no real difference between Democratic socialism and Stalinistic socialism.

People like Bernie say socialism is gonna be good and we’re gonna give you free stuff, realize the people that are hurt the worst are actually the people they are trying to help. Same with Obamacare, it was supposed to help poor people. Guess what, the price of insurance has gone up dramatically under Obamacare for those who pay for it. But you say, I’m getting it for free, I’m one of the subsidized people. It isn’t free. Somebody is paying for it…

The main reason I oppose Obamacare, and the main reason I oppose Bernie Sanders and everything he represents is he wants to take away my choices. He says he’s not a Stalinistic kind of socialism, his is a ‘democratic’ socialism, right? The thing is, if government takes away your choice to make something and sell it to somebody voluntarily, whether they do it with a majority vote or whether an authoritarian does it with a club, it ends up being the same. It may seem a little kinder and gentler, but if the majority says ‘well we should have segregation or slavery again’ or we shouldn’t have a 2nd or 1st Amendment, if a majority says it would that make it any better?”

One might add that the one will inevitably lead to the other. Democratic socialism leads to even more statism as the government grows and grows.


The GOP presidential poll that came out today from Quinnipiac was concerning, not because it’s so reliable, but because even if partly true, the thought of Bernie Sanders being popular enough to beat every GOP candidate says something about our country. In less than a decade, the country appears to not only have moved left, but hard left.

Hillary Clinton is moving hard left on every issue. She will present a different face after the primary and pretend she’s middle of the road, but when she says she likes the idea of an Australian buyback of guns in the US, I believe her. When she says she will go much further with open borders and amnesty than Barack Obama, I believe her. She will do what the party wants and the Democratic Party is now hard left.

Hillary Clinton has 47% of the nation sewn up even though she’s proven to be a liar, a flip flopper who can’t be trusted, and even though she endangered national security. Her corrupt dealings through her Foundation have faded from the public eye. This is who we are now.

Bernie Sanders wants open borders and extensive payments of tax dollars to illegal immigrants and he wants them to have free lawyers to help them get whatever freebies they can get.

Bill O’Reilly did an excellent job of explaining Bernie and whats going on with the Democratic Party and the Uber left who want traditional America wiped off the face of the earth.


We are living under mass delusion where people mindlessly accept and repeat the media and the administration propaganda no matter how insane it is . To believe climate change caused ISIS terrorism but to not believe Islam is connected, is insane. To accept and abide liars, Democrats who will lie constantly about anything, is insane.

There is no doubt that Marxist-Leninist ideas promoted by a minority are becoming part of our government thanks to unions, colleges, the media, and other outlets with access to the masses.

Look at the absurd nonsense wasting students’ time in colleges like 56 genders, trigger aggressions, safe spaces – it’s insane.

What will really destroy us is the American apathy and unwillingness to learn and to discuss rationally what is happening in our country. People just don’t care.

Progressives are comprised of some liberals but mostly socialists and communists. The Democratic Party’s Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), Communist Party USA (CPUSA), and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) all work together and are closely tied. They share like goals and the main differences lie in the matter of degree.

In 2002, Communist Party USA PAC leader Joelle Fishman reported CPUSA uses the Congressional Progressive Caucus as “an important lever” to “move the debate to the left.” A February 2, 2010 Communist Party USA article “Convention Discussion: A Time to Grow” explained they plan to meet their goals by running for office “within the auspices of the Democratic Party” because “conditions rarely if ever allow us to run open Communists for office.”

The hard left has cannibalized the Democrat Party and kicked out the Blue Dogs. There is no voice for even a moderate Democrat.

In February, 2014, Rand Paul told Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV that when you talk to President Obama he doesn’t come off as wanting to turn the United States into a “socialist nightmare” but then there are his policies.

With Obama, you can’t heed his words, you have to watch what he actually does and the policies he implements.

“It’s hard to imagine exactly what his goal is because when you talk to him one on one he sounds reasonable and like he’s not trying to transform America into some socialist nightmare,” Paul said.

“However, when you look at his policies, one after another, they are sort of transformative — changing us from a country that has a marketplace and freedom of choice to a country that is stifled by coercion and mandates.”

Rand Paul comes in at about 04:00: