Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Respond to Con Man Jeff Flake’s Speech


Swamp critter Jeff Flake will be gone in 2018 but he plans to burn his bridges on his way out. He began today with a vicious speech and will be interviewed by his new fans in the left-wing media.

Disgracefully, the only senator who didn’t stand and applaud snowflake Jeff Flake’s speech Tuesday was Senator Rand Paul. The rest are thrilled he trashed the President and the party.

Senator McCain was thrilled with Flake’s speech dishonoring the President and Trump voters. Senator Flake will not run for office in 2018, probably because he has 21% popularity among Republican voters. Among overall voters, his popularity is at 18%.

Senator Flake is pro-climate change extremism, illegal immigration and all manner of leftist ideology. He equates illegal immigration with immigration. His repulsion isn’t limited to the President. he doesn’t think much of Trump supporters either. This is what Senator McCain and the RINOs believe.

Flake has planned interviews on hate-Trump media, beginning with The Lead on CNN.

When questioned about Jeff Flake’s vicious speech on the floor of the Senate Tuesday, Sanders responded, “Based on the lack of support that he has from the people of Arizona, it’s probably a good move.”

After being asked what she thinks history will say of Sen. Flake and Sen. Corker’s remarks, Sanders bluntly referred to the remarks as “petty comments.”

A reporter asked Mrs. Sanders if Flake was right in saying Trump was “debasing the country”. She had a great answer.

She didn’t say this but the fact is Bill Clinton debased the country when he used an intern as a humidor, lied under oath, and divided the country. Obama debased the country by transforming us into a nation that foams at the mouth over race, gender, class, and religion.

Mrs. Sanders response:

When asked about little Bob Corker’s comments attacking Trump Tuesday, she told the reporters to imagine what could be achieved if Corker would go to work instead of “grandstanding”.


  1. The one who is dividing the country are those who sit in that Press room.

    We see what really upsets the Press and that is when there is a Republican who fires back. In the past if one did fire back the entire media empire would “take no prisoners”. But Now, we have one who is relentless in fighting back, and They Don’t Like It. This man does not cower before the media empire. In fact, he doubles down, even triples down.

    They can’t get over the fact the media did not create the persona of Trump and therefore cannot destroy him. If you really watch the expressions of this press room you can see the desperation, but…but…but… It’s almost entertainment to see their scrunched up faces trying to inflict some verbal harm.

    I noticed many many years ago that news programs never showed the reporter asking the question. The reporter would reiterate his question in a nice, pleasant manner and the clip of the answer would be played. This made it appear the one answering the question was taking some kind of offense at a congenial question. C-Span’s early years showed the hypocrisy that played out between reality and the evening news.

  2. A POX ON THE MEDIA HOUSES. Now on Hilary and Demo skull-doggery up to their dirty underwear with the Russian Uranium and traitor US spy. Hope Mueller is caught out in that scandalous debacle.

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