Rand Paul Says Budget Is “Recklessness” Passed off as “Bipartisanship”


At about 05:00 in this video, Rand Paul talks about the economic “recklessness” being passed off as “bipartisanship”. Both parties are getting everything they want and there are no caps on anything.

There will be a “day of reckoning” for this recklessness. It has happened throughout history when countries begin to believe “debt doesn’t matter.”


  1. This is an awful situation being portrayed as a good outcome. The leaders of both houses are big government leftists, their record shows that. Plus the media uses the threat of a market downturn to trick people into favoring this agreement. People are lured with greed to favor dangerous policy. Both houses set up Trump to be the bad guy if he vetoes. The media was ready to launch mass attacks on Trump over this.

  2. I all in with Sen, Paul on Gov. Dumbass spending here are examples………… government spent $356,000 studying whether Japanese quail were more promiscuous on cocaine………..•an $850,000 foreign made-for-TV cricket league in Afghanistan,….The federal government spent $35,100 to build a “giant marijuana joint” in Colorado…..The National Science Foundation spent another $450,000 only to find out dinosaurs most likely couldn’t sing………….The Institute of Museum and Library Services invested $150,000 in a gingerbread house that can “withstand the force of an earthquake.” …………National Institutes of Health spent $817,000 to study monkey saliva,……….National Science Foundation spent $560,000 to study fish crawling on a treadmill.(how does a fish even use a treadmill?)………$1.5 billion to keep the lights on in unused or underutilized federal buildings…………. $3 million for NASA employees to attend seminars on how Congress works…………………….$1.7 million for a comedy club starring holograms of dead comedians
    •$74 million for a program that allows taxpayer-backed loans to be repaid with peanuts
    •$12 million for an IRS unused e-mail archiving service
    •$5 million to study the partying habits of fraternities and sororities
    •$460,000 for a computer to binge-watch “Desperate Housewives” and “The Office” in order to learn human behavior
    •$3.5 million to learn why people are afraid of going to the dentist
    •$3.4 million for hamster cage fight matches
    •$300,000 to study if girls or boys spend more time playing with Barbie dolls

    These examples are just the tip of the stupidity in D.C. (district of criminals)

  3. I listened to much of Rand’s speech when it was repeated on C-SPAN. He made a lot of good sense when repeating the long list of absolutely ridiculous government expenditures, especially for the studies designed solely to give wages in the form of taxpayer money to graduates with useless degrees from liberal colleges or who exhibit a total lack of ability to perform in the American business world.

    Zigmont’s list is far from complete (through no fault of his own) as it would take multiple reams of paper with pica 8 point font, in single spaced lines typed margin to margin to list them all.

    I recall one from the past wherein a study costing hundreds of thousands of dollars of OUR MONEY was performed to determine whether and why people preferred round or square toothpicks.

    What is needed is a house cleaning of agencies that make these asinine grants. We need a Commissioner of Study Grants, chaired and controlled by a person resembling Ebeneezer Scrooge prior to his seeing ghosts.

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