Rand Paul vs. Bernie Sanders on Americans’ Right to Slavery

Senator Rand Paul
Senator Rand Paul

What makes free healthcare different from other rights Americans enjoy is that this new ideology requires Americans to provide free SERVICES.

Rand Paul addressed that with Bernie Sanders in May, 2011.

When you talk about a right to free healthcare, you have to understand what that implies, Paul said to paraphrase,it means you have a right to enslave me. Once you imply you have a right to services, you believe you have the right to extract from another person. You have a right to slavery.

There is an implied threat of force if you have a right to a person’s services. You believe in the right to conscript someone to do your bidding.

Paul concluded that you have the right to pursue happiness, but there is no concrete guarantee of physical results.



  1. It’s about time someone said it. There can be no such right as a right to anything created by the labor of others. The right to such things as heath care, college educations and home ownership can’t be exercised with out infringing on the rights of others. Once one person has the right to violate the rights on another, the whole concept of rights is destroyed. There are only a few true natural rights. Creating new fake rights is just a way for corrupt politicians to buy the votes of the ignorant.

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